Give your daily cup of tea a citrusy twist with this recipe. Savour the sweet-smelling comfort of this concoction with a nourishing rush of ginger, honey and lemon, or mix up the brew with flavour combinations of your own!


Apple juice (B Natural Cloudy Apple recommended) 60 ml
Lime 15 ml
Honey 10 ml
Ginger 3 chunks
Green tea leaves 1 tsp
Assorted fruits, chopped 1 bowl
Water 1 cup


  1. Add all ingredients (except the chopped fruits) in a pan and bring to a boil.
  2. Strain and add to a tea pot.
  3. Add chopped fruits and enjoy it with a good book.

Mixologist’s Note

Brew your own concoction with other variants such as jasmine tea or chamomile tea!