Ginger Tonic

Our newest volume of Food For Thought brings you a homemade summer cooler pressed with zesty flavours of lemon and a spicy bold punch of fresh ginger. Beat the soaring temperatures with this sparkling refresher and a special garnish tip from our mixologists!


Ginger juice 45ml
Sugar syrup 60 ml
Lime juice 30 ml
Mint leaves 5 to 6
Club soda to top-up


  1. Over ice, add the ginger juice, sugar syrup and lime juice.
  2. Bruise the mint leaves and add to the glass and mix with a bar spoon.
  3. Top up with club soda, stir and serve.

Mixologist’s Tip

Cut thin slivers of ginger, coat them with caramelised sugar and dry to make candy. Great to use as a garnish.