Welcomhotel Vadodara

Ruhainiyat (Takeaway/ Home delivery)

Till 16 May

Savour special culinary offerings tailor made for you, paired with bottomless crafted beverages . MOV for Home delivery is 2500 ++

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Gourmet Couch by Welcomhotel Vadodara (Takeaway/ Home delivery)

All through May

Robust flavors of the North-West Frontier
Celebrated for the ethnic experience and cuisine that is inspired by the essence of robust flavors of the North-West frontier. Peshawri showcases the food resembling the traditional style of the Indian North-West Frontier region where clay ovens or tandoors were used. MOV for Home delivery is 2500 ++

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International Family Weekend (Takeaway/ Home delivery)

14-23 May

Celebrate International Family Weekend with Indian TDH Menu for 4 guests

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