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Something to Dye For

Posted by: Insatiable Adventurer on Monday July 5, 2010

Pipar is a tiny village just an hour's drive from Jodhpur. Few know that this sleepy village is the nerve centre of the natural-dye fabric industry of Rajasthan whose earth colours, indigo dyes and prints are a rage among the chic ethnic sophisticates in India and abroad. In fact, a large part of the production is exported. The colours are not fast and this seemingly adds to the fabric's ethnicity and preference.

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Responsible Luxury – a milestone in hospitality

Posted by: Nakul Anand on Tuesday December 8, 2009

I find myself overwhelmed with the response to my first blog post. It is heart-warming to find the care and courtesy that we do our best to extend to others reciprocated with such affection. I've also encountered many old friends and acquaintances here. So, hello again, and a warm welcome!

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The Warmth of India

Posted by: Nakul Anand on Tuesday October 20, 2009

Let me begin by saying how truly wonderful it is to be able to talk to you online, on Zestlounge. While there is a time and place for business, I am glad to say that this is not it. This is where we get a moment’s respite to reflect, converse and connect.

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