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Singular Southern Surprise

Posted by: The Hummer

Centuries of refined vegetarian cooking in South India have clear expression in the cuisines of the eminent Iyers and Iyengars of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Similar and yet subtly different, the two peoples have a long and distinguished history, mapping both days of distinction and disgrace. Either way, the Iyers and Iyengars of the South India are singular peoples in every custom, including their food.

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From the House of the Chettiars

Posted by: Busy Bee

The spirit of the Chettiars resides in give and take, in faithful exploration and honest exchange. For over 300 years during the heyday of the Chola dynasty, the Chettiars plied the trade route from Nagapattinam in southern Tamil Nadu, across the Bay of Bengal, through South East Asia and farther.

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