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Pairing Chocolate with Beverages

Posted by: WelcomZest The Art of Chocolate

What could be better than a heavenly bite of chocolate paired with a glass of liquor that complements it? While some of us may be connoisseurs in either the wine or the chocolate departments (or even both), many may want to experiment and discover new tastes that combine two elixirs!

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The Fabelle experience

Posted by: WelcomZest The Art of Chocolate

Fabelle is a first of kind chocolate
experience in India, set to define
the luxury chocolate segment. Magical in
its delivery, Fabelle chocolates
heighten the senses in new and unexpected ways.
Fabelle aims to enrich each experience
as it encourages participation at the
luxury Fabelle destinations.

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Posted by: WelcomZest The Art of Chocolate

70% of the chocolate bar’s weight comes from ground cocoa beans with the possible addition of cocoa butter, and/or cocoa powder in some combination.

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More than Just ‘Love’!

Posted by: The Hummer

It’s not a public holiday in most parts of the world, but that doesn’t dampen the spirits of those lovers hit by the Cupid’s arrow! (Just to refresh: Cupid is the God of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection in classical mythology with a bow & arrow.) Why Cupid all of a sudden, you may ask? The ‘month of romance’ is here and the Valentine’s Day is around the corner!

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