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Across Land and Sea, for a Taste Full of Glee!

Posted by: The Gastronaut on Wednesday April 27, 2016

When you can’t savour the local flavour, take a ‘tour de taste’.

Boredom in foods and flavours isn’t unusual. We understandably end up mixing the same spices with similar ingredients, churning out the same dishes day in and day out.

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A Truly Pan Asian Experience

Posted by: The Hummer on Wednesday January 28, 2015

Asia conjures vivid images of temples and churches, travel destinations, flea markets and then, the highly sought after pan Asian cuisine. Its cuisine has always had a mystical aura surrounding it. Ingredients are combined in ways the West considers unconventional, but the flavours that each resulting dish brings to the table are most unexpected and brilliant on so many levels! With this enticing thought, ITC Hotel’s Pan Asian restaurant invites you to savour the mysteries of Asia with its finely crafted menu. Indulge and partake of a unique culinary journey that features dishes intensively researched by our culinary experts

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Far Eastern Flavours – Japanese Cuisine

Posted by: The Gastronaut on Friday August 9, 2013

Delicate slices of pink fish, a dash of green wasabi, a pretty little fish cake or perhaps some glistening fish roe – all of them served in dainty little individual serving bowls or plates. Gustatory appeal aside, this is one of the first things that attracts you to the cuisine.

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Wok the Path

Posted by: The Gastronaut on Saturday December 1, 2012

One will have to admit, a chicken brought out of the refrigerator to thaw is much less alluring than a robust, deep-orange hued Tandoori chicken takeaway, defined in black outlines on the edges where it has been touched by charcoal. The sheen of lightly assorted vegetables tossed in oil is an incomparable pleasure when it is brought in by someone else.

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Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On

Posted by: The Gastronaut on Thursday September 6, 2012

If you could make a wish, just one, what would it be? 

The smart and the restless would always reply with something like – another hundred/thousand more. 
Is there a story where a genie responds to that? I never found out.

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A Japanese Turn in the South

Posted by: The Hummer on Tuesday June 26, 2012

Nothing excites me more than the prospect of inviting the most unlikely people together to a party, then standing on the sidelines to watch the unpredictable results unfold. But if I don’t get to engineer such wicked fantasies as often as I’d like, free form situations come to the rescue.

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Types of Sushi

Posted by: WelcomZest Japanese Lessons on Saturday February 26, 2011

Sushi as we know it today evolved out of efforts to find ways to preserve fish. It was discovered that the natural fermentation process of rice worked to preserve fish. Soon, in order to speed up the preservation, vinegar was poured over the rice with the fish atop it - an Edo Period innovation.

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Japanese Lesson: The Art of Sushi

Posted by: WelcomZest Japanese Lessons on Friday February 25, 2011

Sushi is a haiku composed using rice and raw ingredients, and there is as much delight to be had in its consumption as in its preparation.

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The Taste of Japan

Posted by: Nakul Anand on Tuesday February 8, 2011

It’s great to be back here to speak to you again. In this post, I want to talk about the cuisine of Asia and in particular that of Japan. It is indeed fascinating to see how widely Indian, Chinese, Thai, Korean and Japanese cuisines have disseminated across the world. But what fascinates me even more is how the Indian gourmet has taken to the cuisine of the rest of Asia.

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Sushi: Culinary Gems from Japan

Posted by: The Gastronaut on Tuesday November 9, 2010

It’s easy to see sushi as a tasty roll of vinegared rice holding a bit of fish or vegetable. But surely there is more to it. What accounts for its 2000-year appeal? Why is it the global phenomenon it is today? 

On my last trip to Tokyo, my guide who happened to be the Japanese master chef I mentioned in the last post, took me down the lanes of sushi history.

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