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Meera Mukherjee – A Life’s Work

Posted by: The Dreamcatcher on Thursday February 2, 2012

Akar Prakar and WelcomHotel Sheraton New Delhi have put together the Meera Mukherjee show as a collateral event of India Art Fair 2012. The show is on till 4th February 2012. 

After a very long gap, Delhi viewers have the privilege of seeing a series of remarkable sculptures that Meera Mukherjee had conceived and fashioned in mostly bronze, but also ceramic and terracotta. Mukherjee's sculptures are famed for their strength of form and for the way they communicate the artist's vision to all who see them.

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Reddeppa Naidu (1932-1999)

Posted by: The Dreamcatcher on Thursday September 29, 2011

Combining myth and modernity 

"In my search for identity and roots - an identity that is free of Western impact - I have turned to mythology. I wanted to paint on subjects that belong to me and were a direct source of inspiration."

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Jamini Roy and The Urban Patua

Posted by: The Dreamcatcher on Friday December 3, 2010

Among the many treasures in the ITC Hotels Art Collection are paintings by Jamini Roy

Often, in schools and colleges a standard quiz question is: "Who are the three unique artists of India?" And the answer is: Jamini Roy, Rabindranath Tagore and Amrita Shergill. In fact, if anyone can be called the Father of modern Indian art, it must be Roy.

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Posted by: The Dreamcatcher on Friday September 17, 2010

F N Souza is among the few Indian artists who created a deep impression in Europe’s art world. Francis Newton Souza was born in the year 1924 in Saligao, a small town in Goa. He studied in JJ School of Art in Mumbai and eventually became the driving force behind the Progressive Art Group of which he was the founding member. The Progressive Artists Group brought together artists like...

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S G Vasudev - An artist who continues to evolve

Posted by: The Dreamcatcher on Friday July 30, 2010

S G Vasudev's involvement in the artists' village outside Chennai called Cholamandal and his life in Bangalore, in his home state of Karnataka, have given him a firmly rooted style which has developed independently of the commerce-driven patterns of artistic endeavour in India's metropolitan centres. He has worked steadily over the years, creating a distinct style in his work and in the way he chooses to live his life.

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Paramjit Singh
'Visual Hypnotism'

Posted by: The Dreamcatcher on Thursday April 29, 2010

When one takes a close look at one of his landscapes, one would notice trees, shrubs, a bit of sky and maybe grassy paths, but the palpable absence of fauna, birds or any human being only serves to reinforce a deep sense of fantasy and timelessness. Singh's canvases evoke dream-worlds: "the fruit of solitary sojourns in Nature's labyrinth".

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Satish Gupta: The Zen Artist

Posted by: The Dreamcatcher on Wednesday March 17, 2010

I am the dew drop, I am the Ocean 

When you behold a piece by Satish Gupta you just don't look at his work, you see poetry and you read poetry. The ethereal quality of his early works is lucid, lyrical and profound. 

Delhi-based poet, writer, painter and sculptor Satish Gupta is one of India’s widely-exhibited senior artists. He has travelled a long way from his earlier work charting a course...

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Yusuf Arakkal: 'The Newspaper Reader'
Triptych (oil on canvas)

Posted by: The Dreamcatcher on Monday February 15, 2010

Yusuf Arakkal's The Newspaper Reader belongs to a series of paintings in which the artist consciously dealt with the same subject: newsprint in all its meanings, shapes and fashions. 

"Among those works which are with collectors across the world, I think this particular work is [the] most satisfying... I was doing this series inspired by newsprint layouts and [their] various manifestations...

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A Triptych on Music
The Living Legend - M.F. Hussain

Posted by: The Dreamcatcher on Wednesday November 25, 2009

A 94 year-old painter, M F Hussain is a living legend in India today but he lives an isolated life, mired in controversy. Hussain is currently shuttling between London and Dubai, because his recent work, nude portraits of Hindu gods and goddesses, drew such an outcry that he was charged with hurting public sentiment.

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Lyrical, Real and Breathtaking!

Posted by: The Dreamcatcher on Wednesday November 4, 2009

It was much after the 70's when ITC Hotels acquired the bulk of its magnificent archive of commissioned work – in fact decades later that Sanjay Bhattacharya was asked to do special oils for ITC Maurya Towers. Francesca Basu, our interior designer, gave Sanjay a brief to do a few pieces for the Towers lobby with the theme: 'Mauryan figures'.

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