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Onam: Spring Feast on a Plantain Leaf

Posted by: The Hummer on Saturday September 6, 2014

ELABORATELY DECORATED ELEPHANTS in procession at Thrissur; Kathakali artists at Cheruthuruthy; women performing Kaikotikalli - the graceful traditional clap dance; and Vallamkali, the popular snake boat race, are all part of celebrations to mark Onam, the harvest festival that celebrates Kerala's agrarian bounty. The feasts also serve to welcome the spirit of the good king Mahabali on his annual visit to his kingdom. What better than feasting and merriment to assure him that all’s well with his people.

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Yeti Ghee Roast

Posted by: Star Chefs from ITC Hotels on Wednesday January 8, 2014

A Mangalorean delicacy this dish is an innovative imitation of the classic Chicken Ghee roast. It is a fiery red, tangy and spicy with an unmistakableflavor of ghee and roasted spices. This home style dish is not for the faint hearted. Do not skimp on the ghee as it is the flavor of clarified butter that gives the dish its distinct flavor.

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Koorgi Pandi Curry

Posted by: Star Chefs from ITC Hotels on Wednesday December 25, 2013

Pandi Curry has it’s roots in the Coorg region of Karnataka - the land is known for its brave warriors. Traditionally this dish is made with wild boar, it is  flavoured with a special vinegar made out of wild black fruit known by the name “Kachampuli”. Boneless chunks of pork are marinated with Indian spices and the dish is finished with the “Coorg vinegar”.

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Sukha Chops

Posted by: Star Chefs from ITC Hotels on Wednesday November 20, 2013

An all time favourite that combines the best of a number of spices to achieve a flavour that is distinctly mouthwatering. Definitely worth a try.

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Southern Spice: The Pentaflavours
Part IV – Kerala

Posted by: The Gastronaut on Friday November 23, 2012

For a lot of people, the mention of Kerala triggers a scrapbook response. Stock images of backwaters, houseboats, Ayurvedic massages and Kathakali rasas, dutifully flip by in the mind’s eye. I’ll concede, experiencing all that in person could very well prove it’s everything it’s cut out to be. But too often a certain something falls by the wayside in the rush to tick off your share of advertised Kerala experiences. Yet all is not lost.

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Southern Spice: The Pentaflavours
Part III – Karnataka

Posted by: The Gastronaut on Thursday October 25, 2012

Much like flavours brought out slowly but skilfully from foods over a slow flame, the cuisine of Karnataka which boasts myriad preparations perfected over decades, proves irresistible to its growing cult of followers around the world. 

Karnataka’s culinary superstructure has risen on a rock-solid foundation that leaves very little to chance. From precise dimensions of the ideal kitchen to details of accoutrements, the important 17th Century treatise Shivatattva Ratnakara, throws light on collective local wisdom. 

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Southern Spice: The Pentaflavours
Part I – Tamil Nadu

Posted by: The Gastronaut on Thursday October 4, 2012

A trip to the Cultural Capital of the South had the band of friends enthused. Food was the first thing on our minds and for a change the vegans had beaming smiles. 

In the words of Albert Camus - you always get exaggerated notions about things you don't know anything about. This should explain the behaviour of a few of us who when required to make a call on vegetarian dining options, invariably think South Indian.

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Cherishing Coorg

Posted by: The Hummer on Tuesday June 19, 2012

Mention Kodavas and most of us tend to think of Field Marshal Cariappa, or General Thimayya, or of the several gallantry award winners in our armed forces. 

The sports buffs amongst us remember the dozens who played hockey for the country; and excelled in diverse disciplines like athletics, squash, badminton or even tennis like current Davis Cup team member Rohan Bopanna.

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It’s raining festivals!

Posted by: The Hummer on Monday September 5, 2011

Starting on home ground – there’s Onam, a feast celebrated in Kerala both as a harvest festival as well as a commemoration of the legendary King Mahabali. It’s marked in many ways – you’ll see an abundance of floral arrangements and lamps and there’s the spectacular boat race.

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Curry – A Many Splendoured Thing

Posted by: The Gastronaut on Tuesday May 25, 2010

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that, to most Indians, a meal without a curry dish is like life without a song. And it’s not just about a stew, as I’ve heard it been likened to, that makes rice or roti easier to swallow. The essence of a curry is as much about the contrast or complement it offers to the base food of rice or bread, as it is about its own complex character.

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