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The Tiranga of India

Posted by: The Gastronaut on Friday August 11, 2017

As an Indian, there is an innate sense of pride when you see the tricolour hoisted. A symbol of national pride, each aspect of the flag has its own significance. Saffron on the top band indicates the strength and courage of the country, the white band in the middle indicates peace and truth, while the green band at the bottom is a reflection of the land’s fertility, growth and auspiciousness.

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Avartana - Redefining Southern Indian cuisine

Posted by: The Gastronaut on Wednesday March 22, 2017

South India is a mosaic of regional diversity and cultural ethnicities. Though diverse, its identity is articulated through its cuisine – a distinct and singular representation of the region’s bounty of spices and peppers

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When autumn leaves start to fall...

Posted by: The Gastronaut on Saturday November 19, 2016

There’s a pleasing nip in the air, woollens are slowly making an appearance across the city landscapes and in another week or two, the dip in temperature would have announced that it is indeed winter, but I digress…

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The Story of India

Posted by: WelcomZest ITC Grand Bharat on Thursday September 15, 2016

The greatest developments in the story of India have come through civilisational dialogue with other civilisations. It is this dialogue from the earliest times, that makes the Story of India timeless and eternal.

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The Monkey, the ‘Good Luck’ food and some Scarlet hue...

Posted by: The Gastronaut on Monday February 8, 2016

It still remains the most important festival and economic holiday in China despite China having joined the rest of the world in celebrating 01st of January. Well, I mean the Chinese New Year, which is often referred to as ‘Chinese Lunar New Year’. It is based on ancient Chinese lunisolar calendar in circulation

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Celebrating Sarat, nature at its benevolent best!

Posted by: The Gastronaut on Monday October 12, 2015

“Trees laden with ripe fruit, the entire expanse of the earth filled with ripened corn ready for harvest, lakes filled with beautiful aquatic birds like geese, the pleasant sight of blooming and blossoming lotus flowers, the moon brightening up the sky with a milky white lustre.”

This is the mood and flavour of Sarat Ritu, as noted in Chitrasutra of the Vishnudharmottara-purana.

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Smouldering Hot!

Posted by: The Gastronaut on Tuesday September 1, 2015

But few can resist the smoky charms of a perfectly seared shiitake or the roguish char on tender kobe, particularly when you’ve watched them expertly tossed over charcoal fire, the flavours coming alive even more when they’re served across the counter, deliciously hot and intriguingly plated on a wooden oar… It could well be the story of how one comes to a Zen understanding of life in its essential moments in a lively bar with friends.

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Romancing The Frontier

Posted by: The Gastronaut on Wednesday August 5, 2015

Nothing evokes celebration like a shoulder of lamb with the signature flame-licked char and tandoori succulence and smokiness, so tender it falls off the bone... add a variety of seared kebabs and puffy, blistered nans and you truly have a feast! Such repasts evoke the Frontier romance of travel, derring do and Kiplingesque adventures in the Khyber. Also redolent of the legacy of undivided Punjab and its communal earth ovens, surely they invite contemplation of the heritage of Frontier flavours?

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Indian August

Posted by: The Hummer on Friday July 31, 2015

Cha rahi kali ghata
Jiya mora lahraey hai
(The sight of clouds heavy with rain gathering in the sky gladdens my heart)

What’s a rainy day without paper boats to float on puddles, some tea-warmed loveliness and the unhurried languor of a Begum Akhtar song?

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Fruity Succour

Posted by: The Gastronaut on Friday June 26, 2015

“Baare aamon ka kuch bayaan hoo jaye
qabile-e-tareef fishaan ho jaaye
Aap bhi aaj hi lutf zaroor uthaye!
- Anonymous

Mangoes, a refreshing diversion in summer, have moved poets into lyric hyperbole and inspired nutritionists to champion them as diet essentials.

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