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<div class='hd'>Midnight Buffet @ The Pavilion</div>
<div class='dt'>Every Saturday</div>
Savour the delicacies from the capital of India in one immense spread to satisfy your midnight cravings.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Grand Sunday Brunch @ The Pavilion</div>
<div class='dt'>Every Sunday</div>
From an elaborate spread encompassing the best cuisines accompanied by sparkling wine, the Sunday brunch that has it all.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Sunday Brunch @ Ottimo at West View</div>
<div class='dt'>Every Sunday</div>
A mesmerising Sunday brunch awaits you with a culinary journey that begins with chilled bubbly, antipasti and a delectable cheese platter, followed by the finest pastas and risottos hand-picked by our master chef, and mouth-watering West View grills. End your meal with some sinful dolce!</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Winter Food @ The Pavilion</div>
<div class='dt'> All through January</div>
We present the best of 'Winter Foods' to the gourmands of the capital. Experience the tantalising aroma and taste of spices like cinnamon, cloves and cumin that will keep you warm and healthy.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Boulangerie Baskets @ Nutmeg – The Gourmet Shop</div>
<div class='dt'>All through January</div>
Choose from a selection of artisanal bread, buttery & flaky croissants and delectable Danish pastries. Freshly baked bread baskets are also available on prior order. </div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Bread of the Month @ Nutmeg – The Gourmet Shop</div>
<div class='dt'>All through January</div>
Savour our bread of the month - the 'Onion and Rosemary All Grain Loaf’; a perfect accompaniment to piping hot soups and stews and ideal for this biting winter weather.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Warm Cocoa for Winter Evenings @ Fabelle</div>
<div class='dt'> All through January</div>
Sip on delectable hot cocoa from our signature chocolate boutique. Choose from classic hot cocoa, milk cocoa or add a touch of spice with the spiced hot chocolate.</div>
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