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<div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Independence Day @ Hornby's Pavilion</div>
<div class='dt'>15th August </div>
Presenting cuisine from the four corners of India, a unity in diversity presented through food.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Parsi Navroz Mubarak @ Hornby's Pavilion</div>
<div class='dt'>17th August</div>
Parsi new year, celebrating the day with fun, frolic and food, pure Bawa style!</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Forgotten Grains and more @ Hornby's Pavilion</div>
<div class='dt'>19th August</div>
Reminiscing the ancient grains that once made a part of our yesteryear kitchens. (Bajre ki khichdi, Tal Makhana Qorma, Jowar bhakri, Ragi Mudde, Dal Hara moong muhglai)</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Vegan Brunch @ Hornby's Pavilion</div>
<div class='dt'>26th August</div>
Celebrating a compassionate movement in the history of the food world; a day for the animals, the planet and the people.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Monsoon Magic @ Frederick’s Lounge</div>
<div class='dt'>All through August</div>
Mumbai rains calls for a cutting chai and conversations. Enjoy your choice of tea with assortment of Bhajjis and Mawa cake all through the month between 4 pm to 6 pm.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Ice Cream Cocktails @ All Outlets</div>
<div class='dt'>All through August</div>
Surrender yourself to a blend of gourmet ice cream cocktails.</div>
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