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Japanese Lessons
Flavours of Japan

While a number of other culinary traditions emphasise the variety of major ingredients that go into a meal, in Japan, what’s important is variety in preparation styles. So a well-rounded meal ought to have more than a few preparation styles ...

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4:15 PM at Gurgaon
Presenting ITC Grand Chola Chennai
Café Mercara Express 24/7

Mercara, or Madikeri as it is now known, is the headquarters of the district of Coorg, an area known for its coffee, tea and spice plantations and stunning natural beauty.

The history of coffee cultivation in the region dates back to the 1...

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10:15 AM at Gurgaon
Italian Lessons
Ingredients and Dishes

Ingredients and Dishes

Once the curtains go up on an encounter with Italian food and drink, they never go down. From the opening act to the final bow, memories linger till the next producti...

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2:15 PM at Gurgaon
Flavours of Grand Asia
Glossary of East Asian Culinary

Food and Ingredients

Like the Sun, the human understanding of the power of food, awakens in the East. What would the world be without noodles, sticky rice, dim sum, soy, hot pots, and tea? ...

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The Story of India
Great Britain - Quintessential Foundations

The English East India Company opened its account in India, after being granted rights by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir, to open a factory in Surat. Their steady expansion thereon to Madras, Bombay and Calcutta, set the stage for a more aggressive p...

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ITC Grand Bharat
The Story of India

The greatest developments in the story of India have come through civilisational dialogue with other civilisations. It is this dialogue from the earliest times, that makes the Story of India timeless and eternal.

Five thousand years of unb...

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8:30 PM at Gurgaon
Rasa Dehlnavi
Delhi’s Lingua Franca


Meaning ‘scattered,’ but also ‘mixed,’ Rekhta was the Hindustani language that contained Persian and Hindvi/Hindi, as its dialect shifted to the Khari Boli dialect of Delhi. Urdu developed from this local d...

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6:15 PM at Gurgaon
The Art of Chocolate
Many Names of Chocolate

‘Azteca’s Delight’
‘Drink of the Gods’
‘Blessed Money’
‘Liquid Gold’
‘The Perfect Food’
‘Food of the Gods’
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