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Japanese Lessons

Japanese cuisine is as much a work of art and meditation as it is a path to transcendence. From the refined tea elegance of the formal tea ceremony to the daring frontiers of fusion, modern Japanese cuisine retains its essential moorings in a tradition
Flavours of Japan

While a number of other culinary traditions emphasise the variety of major ingredients that go into a meal, in Japan, what’s important is variety in preparation styles.

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Festival Treats

Japan’s festivals, some of which date as far back as the Heian Period bring out a rainbow of culinary staples that in many cases has remained largely unchanged for generations.

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Types of Sushi

Sushi as we know it today evolved out of efforts to find ways to preserve fish. It was discovered that the natural fermentation process of rice worked to preserve fish. Soon, in order to speed up the preservation, vinegar was poured over the rice with the fish atop it - an Edo Period innovation.

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Japanese Lesson: The Art of Sushi

Sushi is a haiku composed using rice and raw ingredients, and there is as much delight to be had in its consumption as in its preparation.

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