Kala Bhawan - The Centre of Art at Santiniketan

This appears to be the right time to write about Tagore’s Santiniketan, the ‘abode of peace’, created by Rabindranath Tagore

KALA BHAWAN, the art department of Viswa Bharati University, founded by Rabindranath Tagore, has nurtured many of India’s best-known artists — some as students and others as faculty. Among these are Guru Nandlal Bose, Benod behari Mukhopadhyaya, Ram Kinkar Baiz, Mukul Dey, K.G. Subramanium, Somnath Hore and countless others...

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Paramjit Singh
'Visual Hypnotism'

When one takes a close look at one of his landscapes, one would notice trees, shrubs, a bit of sky and maybe grassy paths, but the palpable absence of fauna, birds or any human being only serves to reinforce a deep sense of fantasy and timelessness. Singh's canvases evoke dream-worlds: "the fruit of solitary sojourns in Nature's labyrinth".

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2:00 PM at Gurgaon
Satish Gupta: The Zen Artist

I am the dew drop, I am the Ocean 

When you behold a piece by Satish Gupta you just don't look at his work, you see poetry and you read poetry. The ethereal quality of his early works is lucid, lyrical and profound. 

Delhi-based poet, writer, painter and sculptor Satish Gupta is one of India’s widely-exhibited senior artists. He has travelled a long way from his earlier work charting a course...

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10:48 AM at Gurgaon
Yusuf Arakkal: 'The Newspaper Reader'
Triptych (oil on canvas)

Yusuf Arakkal's The Newspaper Reader belongs to a series of paintings in which the artist consciously dealt with the same subject: newsprint in all its meanings, shapes and fashions. 

"Among those works which are with collectors across the world, I think this particular work is [the] most satisfying... I was doing this series inspired by newsprint layouts and [their] various manifestations...

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11:51 AM at Gurgaon
Visiting a Tea Museum at Udhagamandalam

Probably very few will agree with me, when I tell them that the monsoons are a good time to visit Ooty. My reasons for enjoying monsoons in Ooty, have to do with my very first visit to this lovely hill station, that despite the pressures of modernity, is still steeped in old world charm. I have been back on many visits since that first time, but somehow most of these have been between May and July - a period when one does not have to be a weather expert to predict showers almost every day.

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Dinner at Indore's Chappan Gali

The 'Chappan Gali', which is only one of the names by which this street is known, has been functioning in this fashion for years. The food bazaar offers families a reason to go out and eat to their heart's content without making a major dent in their pockets, and is also a great leveler because one can only reach the gali on foot, the lanes being far too narrow for cars.

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A Triptych on Music
The Living Legend - M.F. Hussain

A 94 year-old painter, M F Hussain is a living legend in India today but he lives an isolated life, mired in controversy. Hussain is currently shuttling between London and Dubai, because his recent work, nude portraits of Hindu gods and goddesses, drew such an outcry that he was charged with hurting public sentiment.

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4:00 PM at Gurgaon
Lyrical, Real and Breathtaking!

It was much after the 70's when ITC Hotels acquired the bulk of its magnificent archive of commissioned work – in fact decades later that Sanjay Bhattacharya was asked to do special oils for ITC Maurya Towers. Francesca Basu, our interior designer, gave Sanjay a brief to do a few pieces for the Towers lobby with the theme: 'Mauryan figures'.

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2:49 PM at Gurgaon
A Free Spirit Named J Swaminathan

The sun, the single source of light and energy on earth, has often been appropriated by the ruling dynasties in India to depict their sovereignty. The peacock is a symbol of royalty in India, specifically of the Mauryan Dynasty.

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The Passion of Satish Gujral

"The artist attempts to reproduce the outer and/or the inner meaning of the appearance of things, using individually conceived forms that are the products of his experience, feeling or imagination to express his aesthetic ideas and emotions in terms of the particular medium employed through line tones, space, colours, theme and craft to create a new and vial organism or entity of form."

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12:00 AM at Gurgaon
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