The other Taj Mahal in Bhopal

Were you aware that there was another Taj Mahal, other than the one built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. There is indeed another Taj Mahal, built by Shah Jahan Begum, the erstwhile ruler of Bhopal, but unlike the former which was built as a mausoleum, this was the name given to a palace planned as a residence for the royal family.

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Lunch at Waltair

I have visited Visakhapatnam a number of times in recent years. However I knew it better during my childhood as Waltair having passed through the city umpteen times, on the train route from Madras to Calcutta. It was a very important station indeed since this was where the Madras Mail halted for half an hour while our lunches were loaded onto the pantry cars. For children the stop was also momentous as from Waltair the train would leave, in the opposite direction. 

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11:20 AM at New Delhi
The Chola Mural: Chola Migrations

Since the 1970s, ITC Hotels has expressed a commitment to the preservation of cultural heritage by collecting and commissioning works of art. 

It began when ITC Hotels commissioned a large (7.5 ft x 80 ft) indoor mural for the group’s first venture - the Sheraton Chola in Chennai. Mr Krishen Khanna was invited to undertake the enormous task and produced what turned out to be a most unusual and a stunning piece of work - the material used - a very unlikely medium - a humble lead pencil! This had never before been employed for a work of this proportion.

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2:48 PM at New Delhi
Jamini Roy and The Urban Patua

Among the many treasures in the ITC Hotels Art Collection are paintings by Jamini Roy

Often, in schools and colleges a standard quiz question is: "Who are the three unique artists of India?" And the answer is: Jamini Roy, Rabindranath Tagore and Amrita Shergill. In fact, if anyone can be called the Father of modern Indian art, it must be Roy.

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3:49 PM at New Delhi
The Call of the Wild

With India’s fast declining tiger population becoming a matter of real concern, a visit to a national park should be high on your travel agenda. The best place to see one is in the forests of Madhya Pradesh. It was from these forests that Rudyard Kipling received his inspiration to write ‘The Jungle Book’ and it is here in the magnificent National Parks of Kanha and Bandhavgarh that the animals that he wrote about...

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10:57 AM at New Delhi
Kalimpong – A well-kept secret

Even the name has a nice ring to it and indeed it should because is among the most beautiful and least cluttered hill stations in India, with the Kanchendzonga Range rising up on one side and green hills on the other, it is a place where nature still lives in undisturbed splendour.

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F N Souza is among the few Indian artists who created a deep impression in Europe’s art world. Francis Newton Souza was born in the year 1924 in Saligao, a small town in Goa. He studied in JJ School of Art in Mumbai and eventually became the driving force behind the Progressive Art Group of which he was the founding member. The Progressive Artists Group brought together artists like...

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5:49 PM at Gurgaon
S G Vasudev - An artist who continues to evolve

S G Vasudev's involvement in the artists' village outside Chennai called Cholamandal and his life in Bangalore, in his home state of Karnataka, have given him a firmly rooted style which has developed independently of the commerce-driven patterns of artistic endeavour in India's metropolitan centres. He has worked steadily over the years, creating a distinct style in his work and in the way he chooses to live his life.

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2:41 PM at Gurgaon
Something to Dye For

Pipar is a tiny village just an hour's drive from Jodhpur. Few know that this sleepy village is the nerve centre of the natural-dye fabric industry of Rajasthan whose earth colours, indigo dyes and prints are a rage among the chic ethnic sophisticates in India and abroad. In fact, a large part of the production is exported. The colours are not fast and this seemingly adds to the fabric's ethnicity and preference.

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Sayaji Rao Gaekwad - Worthy of a 21-gun Salute

VISITING Vadodara is always a pleasure. A medium-sized town, it would seem to have the right combination of old world values and modernism, in a pleasant blend. Earlier known as Baroda, the capital of the erstwhile princely state once ruled by the Gaekwads. Much of the city’s development took place during the rule of Maharaja Sayaji Rao Gaekwad III — an enlightened monarch who modernised his poor feudal state into one worthy of a 21-gun salute. A visionary and a man of many parts, Sayaji Rao was a big game hunter, a cricket player, a patron of the race courses in India and Europe and a great patron of the arts.

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