Monumental Tribute to a Rich Architectural History

In the background the jagged traces of the ancient Aravalli range, gouged into canyons in some places signal their presence. In other areas the earth is softened by clumps of forest trees, fields, the habitat of the local Meo tribes and even a few ponds, check dams or jhodas and ancient wells.

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2:00 PM at Gurgaon
ITC Grand Bharat

The road to the ITC Grand Bharat winds through the dark red veins of the Aravalli Hills that lie by the borders of Rajasthan, Haryana and New Delhi.

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5:50 PM at Gurgaon
The Changing Face of Hotels - From Monuments to Pleasure Gardens

As someone who has been involved in writing about architecture and art for many decades, Geeta Doctor brings her knowledge to an assessment of the way hotels have evolved in our country.

For a land that has been famous for its spectacular forts perched on hilltops, exquisite summer retreats in the midst of mist filled hillsides, or along the banks of rivers and lakes, creating a language of architecture meant for hotels has never been a problem. 

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1:03 PM at Gurgaon

nichair gachatyupari cha dashaa chakranemikramena
(the condition of life goes up and down like the rim of a wheel)
Kalidada’s Megasandesha

This saying, when adapted to a place, could not be more true than of the site of the much-celebrated medieval metropolis called Vijayanagara, situated along the River Tungabhadra in present-day Karnataka, now the ruined site of Hampi. 

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9:56 AM at Gurgaon
The Passage of Time

Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob – British architect extraordinaire

Among the many beautiful WelcomHeritage properties across the country, are two built by an architect who helped to define colonial architecture and style. Shona Adhikari writes of the man and his work, with special references to the palaces he built in Kota and Bikaner, which are now WelcomHeritage hotels.

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Hovering over Jodhpur

SEEN FROM THE RAMPARTS of Meherangarh Fort, Jodhpur is a densely populated city of small square buildings painted white and blue. The clank and thump of industry and the indistinct roar of many voices rise softly on the spiralling currents of air upon which eagles glide. The image of the eagle is a recurring motif in the city. Eagles and kites, considered guardians of the city, hover protectively over its inhabitants both literally and figuratively. These birds feature on the crest of the royal family of Marwar, Jodhpur, and are to be found in paintings and carvings all across the city.

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9:16 PM at Gurgaon
Shifting Spaces: Still Centre

The contrasting spaces that encircle the celebrated Meenakshi temple at Madurai and the beauty of the temple within provide a fascinating essay in the idea of space in a sacred city. Geeta and Meenashi Doctor share with their experiences of exploring Madurai in words and images.

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Posted by: Geeta Doctor
12:16 PM at Gurgaon
The Gift of Hands

The skill and ingenuity of Indian craftsmen is expressed in textiles, metalware, paintings stone and wood carving and a host of other materials, such as pith and paper, beads and cane, sand and shell and laquer and terracotta Each region of India produces its own unique Handicrafts, continuing a great tradition which has endured over many centuries.

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Posted by: P K De
7:17 PM at Gurgaon
Timeless Art Dancing with the Gods at Tiruvarur

In an important partnership of individuals and organizations, a project to restore exquisite historical murals in a pavilion at the Tiruvarur temple in Tamil Nadu has brought alive a fascinating visual record. Geeta Doctor writes of this beautiful temple and the murals that have found a renewed existence.

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Posted by: Geeta Doctor
10:40 AM at Gurgaon
Heaven on Earth: Lapis Lazuli

Among the many precious and semi-precious stones that are used in jewellery, lapis lazuli has a long and fascinating history. It is still used to make jewellery and its use in ancient times as a pigment for painting has given it a special place in the history of craftsmanship.

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Posted by: Brinda Gill
9:18 AM at Gurgaon
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