Rasa Dehlnavi

Delhi’s Lingua Franca

Rekhta Meaning ‘scattered,’ but also ‘mixed,’ Rekhta was the Hindustani language that contained Persian and Hindvi/Hindi, as its dialect shifted to the Khari Boli dialect of Delhi.

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The Story of Delhi

Delhi is recognised amongst the world's longest continuously inhabited cities and the world's longest serving capitals.

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Mapping the City of Delhi

The city has never forgotten the importance of its past glory, and continues to pay tribute to the rich and diverse cultures that call Delhi their home.

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Assembling the Enfilade

While settlers have come, conquered and gone, it is the cuisine of Delhi that has remained a constant. Served at homes, by food carts or at the high table, Delhi’s  flavours, like her unique gharana, tell the story of the city.

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Delhi Pavilion at Sheraton, New Delhi

Delhi symbolises a rich amalgamation of intermingling cultures and has established itself as a melting pot - welcoming people from different parts of the country, partaking in their traditions, and also inviting them to celebrate the spirit of Delhi.

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