Chef 's table

The India Room

Plutarch rightly observed, “We do not sit at the table to eat… but to eat together.”

A theatre of European cuisine, The India Room celebrates the continent’s engagement with India from the earliest times. Greece, Rome, Portugal, Netherlands, France and Britain have shaped their destinies on the cultural exchange forged between the distinct worlds and lands lush with nature’s bounty.

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Royal Vega: A One-of-a-Kind Luxury Vegetarian Experience

CHANDELIERS, GILDED TRIMMINGS, kundan embellishments, silver crockery – some elements are indispensable to the idea of dining in state. Imagine it coming together in the highest Indian traditions just for you. Royal Vega draws on the philosophy of taste, the use of seasonal produce, and the legacies of India's princely states and aristocratic homes.

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BUKHARA: Celebrating 35 Glorious Years of the Globe’s Finest Indian Cuisine

HOWLING WINDS, STEEP RAVINES, endless stretches of land, limitless potential for camaraderie.

A setting familiar to those who once journeyed through the uncharted landscapes of the historic North West Frontier. An atmosphere revived by an iconic restaurant in the Indian capital.

Here, for decades, the flames and glowing coals lighting up the interiors of its hallowed clay tandoors have recreated the campfires of kinship that lit up enchanting nights in the North West Frontier. Bukhara at New Delhi's ITC Maurya has kept alive the flame of Frontier traditions, pioneering culinary marvels that have often been imitated, but never been matched. Today, like every day, the open kitchen frames the movements of chefs who move with focus and precision from one stage of food preparation to the next, against the backdrop of skewers, each neatly ranged one next to the other, creating an abacus of vegetables and meats.

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Fondata Sul Gusto Italiano*

Chef Massimo, ITC Grand Chola has invited a few guests to dinner as a prelude to the formal inauguration of Cucina Italiana, or, the cuisine of Italy, at Ottimo.

A challenge beckons. The chefs have donned their hats and started their preparations to create enduring first impressions of Italian flavours on the Indian palate. In the open kitchen an assortment of handmade pastas are drying on the pasta stand, fresh vegetables are being washed...

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The Secret of Dum Pukht

The air is thick with agitated clouds of spices. Surrounded by tear streaked faces, incessant sniffles and the odd sneeze, a visibly unfazed Chef Ghulam Quereshi nimbly negotiates the serpentine streets of Purani Dilli’s vibrant spice market oblivious to the press of people as he breezes past vendors, traders, residents and mildly masochistic tourists. He is clearly ecstatic. “These spices are so fresh and potent...

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Go West, with the Girls at the Grill

There’s a lot of whipping, beating, chopping going on. 

Steaming, braising, oh-so-delicate sautéing, searing and roasting too. 

Aromas drift around the kitchen like wandering minstrels while sauces are poured and tasted, delicate slivers of fruits, vegetables and meats glazed and basted, flavours checked and consistencies tested. 

The chefs at ITC Gardenia are preparing for another evening at West View. 

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A Hunan Style Masterpiece with Chef Liang

It's hard to think of chemistry amid a rapturous moment.

But then, this is exactly the kind of thought-altering revelation Hunan Style Mixed Dry Meats & Vegetables is.

The complexity of flavours, the crispness of each ingredient, the distinct temper of each spice and the intense pleasure of its symphonic explosion on the palate – these are truly bewildering things, especially when they come together in one preparation.

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