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When Murad Baksh, Emperor Shah Jahan’s third son, was chosen as the inspiration behind the town of Moradabad in 1625, little did the months-old imperial prince know that he will be part of a great legacy. The town was initially called Rustam Nagar after Rustam Khan, one of Shah Jahan’s governors, who was asked to capture the town.

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10:32 PM at Gurgaon
Best of Rice – Biryani

It comes across as a humble grain, varying in sizes, fragrance and taste, all the time possessing a unique quality of ease of cooking. Yet, when mixed with the slightest of condiments or the most complex of foods, it knows no boundary of flavour. And then the modest grain of rice transforms into a food befitting royalty.

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7:40 PM at Gurgaon
Not Just Má Là

‘One dish, one shape, hundreds of dishes, hundreds of tastes.’
– Sichuanese proverb

The general belief about the cuisine of Sichuan, a province in southwestern China, is that it is spicy, owing to the generous use of the very unique Sichuan peppercorns and dried chilies. And there is no denying this belief. Sichuan food is fiery, but beyond the evident fieriness lies one of the Four Great Traditions of Chinese cuisine, with a great blend of different flavours.

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6:15 PM at Gurgaon
A Clouded Land Called Coorg

Coorg, as it first comes to mind, is a picture of hills and valleys, of windswept rosewood and teak trees, clouds whispering to lush green mountains, and village folk plucking coffee berries in plantations spread across slopes. Also called Kodagu after the native Kodava people, it was christened the ‘Scotland of India’ by the British. Justifiably so, since Coorg is a traveller’s paradise. Walk through the coffee and cardamom plantations and you get a taste of nostalgia-steeped planters’ stories from the British era.

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11:00 AM at Gurgaon
The Lord’s Jackpot

So the burger story might’ve just started at Sandwich (and not with it)!

Daft and confuddled?

Well it did start with sandwich too! Once upon a time, there was an Englishman named John Montagu, the 4th Earl (lord) of Sandwich. Sandwich is a quaint old town and civil parish in Kent, England. Mr. Montagu apparently had an innate fondness for gambling.

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8:00 AM at Gurgaon
Across Land and Sea, for a Taste Full of Glee!

When you can’t savour the local flavour, take a ‘tour de taste’.

Boredom in foods and flavours isn’t unusual. We understandably end up mixing the same spices with similar ingredients, churning out the same dishes day in and day out.

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2:22 PM at Gurgaon
Eating for a Better Earth

With Earth Day, a modern environmental movement, just around the corner, it’s time again to contemplate our choices to make the planet a better place. How significantly does food feature on Earth Day? The answer is: Very!

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11:05 AM at Gurgaon
The Many Blends of Kilakarai

It was named ‘the shore down under,’ but the small coastal town looms ‘large’ over the cultural map of the country. Located in the Ramanathapuram district in southern Tamil Nadu, the antiquated port town of Kilakarai was where Arab traders docked in search of the much-celebrated Madurai pearls and corals from Gulf Mannar.

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9:10 AM at Gurgaon
Of ‘Sehat’ and ‘Swad’ - Muqawwiyat

In the age of fast foods, our health and taste have also gone for a hasty drive. The laid-back, slow cooking (and eating) route to the pallet is only reminiscent of the bygone. Today, we often end up hurriedly muddling together random ingredients on the cooking table, hit the “Quick Cook” control of our stoves and ovens, and, of course, eat in a haste.

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5:55 PM at Gurgaon
Kitchens of India: Celebrating the Culinary Acumen of Bharat

It’s like the heritage on your plate - the best of Indian cuisine which captures the essence of a meal that is nothing short of a royal Indian treat which has taken centuries to attend perfection. ‘Kitchens of India’ (KOI) brings to life the age-old Indian dishes from across the country. It entices your taste buds on a mystical voyage through the legacy of authentic Indian gourmet cuisine.

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1:10 PM at Gurgaon
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