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The Many Blends of Kilakarai

It was named ‘the shore down under,’ but the small coastal town looms ‘large’ over the cultural map of the country. Located in the Ramanathapuram district in southern Tamil Nadu, the antiquated port town of Kilakarai was where Arab traders docked in search of the much-celebrated Madurai pearls and corals from Gulf Mannar.

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9:10 AM at Gurgaon
Of ‘Sehat’ and ‘Swad’ - Muqawwiyat

In the age of fast foods, our health and taste have also gone for a hasty drive. The laid-back, slow cooking (and eating) route to the pallet is only reminiscent of the bygone. Today, we often end up hurriedly muddling together random ingredients on the cooking table, hit the “Quick Cook” control of our stoves and ovens, and, of course, eat in a haste.

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5:55 PM at Gurgaon
Kitchens of India: Celebrating the Culinary Acumen of Bharat

It’s like the heritage on your plate - the best of Indian cuisine which captures the essence of a meal that is nothing short of a royal Indian treat which has taken centuries to attend perfection. ‘Kitchens of India’ (KOI) brings to life the age-old Indian dishes from across the country. It entices your taste buds on a mystical voyage through the legacy of authentic Indian gourmet cuisine.

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1:10 PM at Gurgaon
The Monkey, the ‘Good Luck’ food and some Scarlet hue...

It still remains the most important festival and economic holiday in China despite China having joined the rest of the world in celebrating 01st of January. Well, I mean the Chinese New Year, which is often referred to as ‘Chinese Lunar New Year’. It is based on ancient Chinese lunisolar calendar in circulation

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3:00 PM at Gurgaon
To Your Heart through Kolkata and Goa!

The saying goes like this: ‘Way to a man's heart is through his stomach’. But, I think this can’t just be about a man! After all given a chance who won’t be feasting on his/her choicest of foods on the table? So here is a gastro-trip for you through Kolkata and Goa.

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4:10 PM at Gurgaon
In Search of ‘Sustainability’

The common personification of nature/earth as ‘Mother’ may have emanated from the life-giving or nurturing aspects of nature in different cultures. The word ‘nature’ comes from the Latin word - ‘natura’ meaning ‘birth’. The concept of Nature as ‘Mother’ (seated between the divine and the human) can be traced to ancient Greece and was widely popular in the middle ages.

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6:00 PM at Gurgaon
Moong: Versatile, healthy and truly international

Mung or moong: as simple the name is as diverse its usage has been. Its versatility can be judged from its utility and in some cases indispensability in different segments of food like breakfast, main course, snack and dessert.

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6:15 PM at Gurgaon
A Taste of Telangana

Food is fundamental to all cultures/identities. After the formation of Telangana, seeking this identity, it seems, has gained momentum and the ‘Cuisine of Telangana’ is perhaps about celebrating that identity! A lot many mouth-watering jewels that were once bracketed as Andhra specialities have now become Telangana exclusives.

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2:30 PM at Gurgaon
The forgotten culinary treasures of the Navaithas

I’m sure many of us (foodies included) would find this name alien. That’s because living in 21st century India we tend to overlook the stretch of history of this ancient civilisation passing through several eras. I’m referring to the Indian community by the name of ‘Navaitha’. 

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9:40 AM at Gurgaon
Celebrating Sarat, nature at its benevolent best!

“Trees laden with ripe fruit, the entire expanse of the earth filled with ripened corn ready for harvest, lakes filled with beautiful aquatic birds like geese, the pleasant sight of blooming and blossoming lotus flowers, the moon brightening up the sky with a milky white lustre.”

This is the mood and flavour of Sarat Ritu, as noted in Chitrasutra of the Vishnudharmottara-purana.

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