Wine Indulgences

5 Tricks to Order Wine like an Expert

Since a true wine connoisseur takes years to fine tune his/her wine palate and hone his/herknowledge and craft, it is but natural that for everyone else, wine can be quite intimidating a subject. So what happens when you’re put in charge of ordering for the evening and there’s no time to study the wines on offer? Do yousuccumb to the anticipation of embarrassment and mumble your way through? Or do you order a bottle of whiskey or a beer under the pretext that Indian cuisine is best paired with beer or Scotch? Or, worse still, stay satiated with a bottle of water? Well, if this was a multiple choice question, ‘None of The Above’ would be the right answer.

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I Spy Wine: India Wine Trends 2015

It is that time of the year when I dust my crystal ball and peer into it, in the hope that the wine gods will jump out and make a power-point presentation of their 2015 plans.  In the absence of that, I am once again left with only my nose to sniff out what can be, keeping in mind the wine trends that have been emerging lately.

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5 Clever Ideas for a Wine Valentine

Getting ready for your exclusive date? Let’s see, you’ll get a big bouquet of roses. Make a reservation in a fancy restaurant. Take a specially created exclusive holiday package. Or splurge on expensive diamond jewellery.

Thousands of others will be doing the same! How “exclusive” does that make your date feel?

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Debunking Myths About Wine Drinking

In this day and age, much is being said about the health benefits of wine. Proponents claim that wine keeps you younger, reduces risks associated with heart attacks and even certain cancers. Opponents however, believe any form of alcohol is bad for human health. There are several claims floating around social circles, but not all of them are true. This article aims to bust some popular health related myths about wine. Whatever the case, moderation in consumption is the right approach to wine enjoyment.

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Wines to Look Out for in 2014

2014 is a year to celebrate with good wine. The Indian wine industry has made important strides in improving the quality of our indigenous wines through better use of technology and viticulture know-how. Kudos also to the wine importers who continue tirelessly despite the punitive taxation and complex regulations, to discover value-for-money wines from vineyards around the world. You may pat yourself for being a wine-enthusiastic consumer.

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Building the Ultimate Wine Collection

There has never been a better time to be a wine collector. Quality today, is at an all-time high, and with significant technological progress, which allows for rectification at every stage of wine-making, most producers joyfully claim that nowadays it is virtually impossible to make bad quality wine.

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Sweet Tooth

Sweet wines come in a broad spectrum of styles such as sweet sparkling wines, late harvest and botrytis wines, ice wines, oxidative sweet styles of Sherry, and several sweet fortified styles of Port.

Whatever the style, the bottom line is that the wine MUST be sweeter than the dessert, otherwise the wine will be completely overpowered by the sweetness in the dessert and the wine in turn will taste tart and dull. 

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How to Taste Wine

Tasting wine is often said to be different to drinking wine. In my opinion it is not that different; just a little slower to observe and enjoy the impact that the wine can have on your senses. Tasting and assessing the wine and its intrinsic quality can take anywhere between 3 to 10 minutes, depending on your practice. It helps to not wear a light-coloured shirt with the fear of spilling wine as you spit it out

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Wines for the Party Season

Cities like Mumbai and New Delhi never sleep and parties can easily last till early morning in the midst of good friends and wine. When hosting parties,I suspect many of us spend hours planning the food; the wine doesn’t get much attention until the last frightening minute. 

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10:19 AM at Mumbai
Drinking Wine on a Budget

Most people, I reckon, live by the notion that wine can cost a lot. We are used to treating wine differently; good quality beer, whisky and vodka can cost us far less than a bottle of expensive wine. In a country straddling on high duties and taxes on wine, most of us have reconciled to the fact that we have to shell out a decent amount of money to enjoy a nice bottle of wine.

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