Recipe of the Fortnight

Gosht Ki Roti


Lamb, cut into ½ inch cubes   1 kg
Lean lamb mince    500g
Desi ghee  ¼ cup
Clove  8             
Green cardamom   8
Cinnamon (2 inches)  2
Bay leaf   2
Onion, finely chopped   ¾ cup
Ginger, finely chopped    ¾ tbs
Garlic, finely chopped   1 ½ tbs   
Coriander powder   1 tbs
Red chilli powder    1 ½ tsp
Garam masala        1 ¼ tsp
Whole wheat flour 300 gm
Saffron    ¼ tsp
Lemon juice   1 tbs
Salt  to taste

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Cheese Soufflé

Puffed and pillowy when prepared right, the soufflé is a French classic made with a base of bechamel sauce and egg whites. The soufflé template lends itself to endless savoury and sweet formats – all of which can be tricky to prepare to perfection, the cheese soufflé, soufflé au fromage, is the version most commonly served in France.

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Dal Khuska

Khuska Ingredients
2 cups aged, long grain Basmati rice
4 – 4 1/4 cups water (the ratio of water to rice varies with age of rice)
Salt, to taste
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp desi ghee / vegetable oil

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India Room Prawn Cocktail

Everything about this reimagined classic is unconventional and bold, yet a classic it remains!

Preparation time – 20 min          
Cooking time – 10 min                  
To serve – 4

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Kulfi Khaas Dehlavi

At the height of summer, the inimitable pairing of kulfi with falooda is perhaps the most refreshing of all Indian desserts. While it can be made in any flavour, some particularly enticing flavours are anjeer (dried fig), gulab (rose), zaffran and mamra badaam (saffron and almond), narangi (orange), aam ki kulfi (mango) and the lavish sunehri kulfi (golden kulfi – dressed with a fine film of gold).

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Chenna Payish

Among the endless varieties of desserts made out of cream or hung yoghurt (also known as ‘Chenna’), is best used in ‘Chenna Payish’. One of the sweet dish originated from the eastern belt - ‘Chenna Payish’ consists of ‘Chenna’ dumplings in thickened milk, but has over the years become a popular dessert all over India.

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Paneer Qaliya

Cottage cheese, popularly known as ‘Paneer’, can be used for starters, main dishes or desserts. ‘Paneer Qaliya’ is the curried form of ‘Paneer Pakoras’ or ‘Paneer Tikkas’, it is rated as high as a curried meat dish.

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Kundan Qaliya

Among the most delicious curries derived from the later Mughals is ‘Kundan Qaliya’, a lesser-known recipe, requiring a special touch. Traditionally made of goat meat, in this creation, the gravy takes on a golden hue and to add to the glitter, there is the embellishment of a patchwork of ‘gold warq’ (gold leaf) which add a royal glitter, elevating it to regal heights.

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Band Gobhi ki Qaliya

This recipe is totally different in style, preparation and taste, but which are well suited in summer season. This combines minced meat with cabbage leaves and is suitably named Band Gobhi ki Qaliya.

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Chandan Qaliya

Traditionally made out of poultry, in the preparation of ‘Chandan Qaliya’, the curry is paler – a creamy white in colour – with the addition of cream and almond or cashew paste, drizzled with finely chopped almond slivers dabbed with silver leaf. The gravy is also embellished with silver leaf, covering portions of the gravy, turning it into a preparation that can make its presence felt on any table.

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