Culinary Lessons

Food is for the body; taste is for the soul

What is it about Indian cuisine that makes it so unique and distinct in world gastronomy?

I’ve been asked about it and I’ve ruminated. And one day, whilst putting together a menu, it occurred to me that wellness and sustainability are the stalwarts of India’s culinary heritage.

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Eating Vegetables – Part 3

We’re all familiar with the changing seasons and we condition ourselves as best we can.

Every so often, you’ll find the need to spring clean – not just the house – but also the body. Sometimes, your body will ask for it and when that time comes, dig in to root vegetables like beets, carrots, ginger, radish, onions, garlic and turmeric.

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12:00 AM at Gurgaon
Eating Vegetables – Part 2

Here are some more facts to consider when you’re weighing in on how many vegetables to buy at the weekly market.

You’ll find that vegetables are the ultimate low-calorie, blood-sugar stabilising food group. Low in calories, they’re akin to free food, or a food with a very small caloric load.

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Eating Vegetables – Part I

The constant refrain you hear across homes, in kitchens, over the phone is “Have you eaten your veggies today?” And you’ll also hear the weary affirmative from the other side, and everyone will nod in agreement, ‘coz vegetables are good for you.

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4:00 PM at New Delhi
Love thy ‘Local’ (we mean ‘food’)!

As an international traveller you may ask what business a ‘local cuisine’ has in a five star hotel! Then my take with a Chef’s perspective would be: it’s about showcasing our strength as a host country. India’s cultural diversity is the prime attraction for any visitor and food being so integral to any culture serves as our cultural ambassador.

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9:45 AM at New Delhi
The Golden Principles of Vedic Food Culture

India has consistently revered its ancient traditions and customs and Indian gastronomy is distinctive, with the fundamentals of cooking, the ingredients and general method of preparation setting the guidelines.

In the Vedas it is said that, “From earth sprang herbs, from herbs food, from food seed, from seed man.” Therefore, according to the great Aryan cosmic cycle, the eater, the food he eats and the universe must be in harmony.

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2:12 PM at New Delhi
Make the Switch - Eat Organic

A decade ago, we had purveyors and vendors approach us at our hotels with organic food products that were then imported into India. The product list was insufficient to introduce into hotel menus since the range of products was limited and not all encompassing to provide the diner with an “ethical” first and “certified”later organic culinary offering. This made chefs reluctant to provide this differentiated repertoire to our guests at that point.

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Spring Cleansing

Spring is a time of transition. A time for preparing the body for the long summer months lying ahead. A time for replacing heavy winter meals with lighter foods better suited for warmer months. 'Tis the time to replace oily, heavy, sour and sweet diets with foods that are more astringent, pungent and bitter, making conscious note to reduce the intake of heavy dairy products like cheese and yoghurt, sweets, fried and fermented foods.

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Kids Eating Today: Healthier?

While we have collated a schedule to enlist in a programmed way, the Lessons we look forward to sharing with you , those on cooking styles, the organic way, sustainable produce, new In Season ingredients, tools in the kitchen and whether we over invest in them, how to be more proficient in the kitchen etc., wherein our Master Chefs will share their learnings, experiments, culinary philosophies, what inspires them, it seems imperative; 

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