Fondata Sul Gusto Italiano*

Chef Massimo, ITC Grand Chola has invited a few guests to dinner as a prelude to the formal inauguration of Cucina Italiana, or, the cuisine of Italy, at Ottimo.

A challenge beckons. The chefs have donned their hats and started their preparations to create enduring first impressions of Italian flavours on the Indian palate. In the open kitchen an assortment of handmade pastas are drying on the pasta stand, fresh vegetables are being washed...

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The Cheroot - Malt & Cigar Lounge

Cheroot derives from the Tamil churuttu which means ‘to roll up’ anything, even tobacco. Tamil Nadu is one of the few states that grows the particular variety of cheroot tobacco.

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The Golden Principles of Vedic Food Culture

India has consistently revered its ancient traditions and customs and Indian gastronomy is distinctive, with the fundamentals of cooking, the ingredients and general method of preparation setting the guidelines.

In the Vedas it is said that, “From earth sprang herbs, from herbs food, from food seed, from seed man.” Therefore, according to the great Aryan cosmic cycle, the eater, the food he eats and the universe must be in harmony.

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2:12 PM at New Delhi

Bittersweet and complex, the perfect aperitif or digestive.

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Posted by: The Bartender
10:34 AM at New Delhi
The Changing Face of Hotels - From Monuments to Pleasure Gardens

As someone who has been involved in writing about architecture and art for many decades, Geeta Doctor brings her knowledge to an assessment of the way hotels have evolved in our country.

For a land that has been famous for its spectacular forts perched on hilltops, exquisite summer retreats in the midst of mist filled hillsides, or along the banks of rivers and lakes, creating a language of architecture meant for hotels has never been a problem. 

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Posted by: Geeta Doctor
1:03 PM at Gurgaon
The Secret of Dum Pukht

The air is thick with agitated clouds of spices. Surrounded by tear streaked faces, incessant sniffles and the odd sneeze, a visibly unfazed Chef Ghulam Quereshi nimbly negotiates the serpentine streets of Purani Dilli’s vibrant spice market oblivious to the press of people as he breezes past vendors, traders, residents and mildly masochistic tourists. He is clearly ecstatic. “These spices are so fresh and potent...

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5 Tricks to Order Wine like an Expert

Since a true wine connoisseur takes years to fine tune his/her wine palate and hone his/herknowledge and craft, it is but natural that for everyone else, wine can be quite intimidating a subject. So what happens when you’re put in charge of ordering for the evening and there’s no time to study the wines on offer? Do yousuccumb to the anticipation of embarrassment and mumble your way through? Or do you order a bottle of whiskey or a beer under the pretext that Indian cuisine is best paired with beer or Scotch? Or, worse still, stay satiated with a bottle of water? Well, if this was a multiple choice question, ‘None of The Above’ would be the right answer.

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6:10 PM at Mumbai
The India Room

Plutarch rightly observed, “We do not sit at the table to eat… but to eat together.”

A theatre of European cuisine, The India Room celebrates the continent’s engagement with India from the earliest times. Greece, Rome, Portugal, Netherlands, France and Britain have shaped their destinies on the cultural exchange forged between the distinct worlds and lands lush with nature’s bounty.

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Food is for the body; taste is for the soul

What is it about Indian cuisine that makes it so unique and distinct in world gastronomy?

I’ve been asked about it and I’ve ruminated. And one day, whilst putting together a menu, it occurred to me that wellness and sustainability are the stalwarts of India’s culinary heritage.

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Gosht Ki Roti


Lamb, cut into ½ inch cubes   1 kg
Lean lamb mince    500g
Desi ghee  ¼ cup
Clove  8             
Green cardamom   8
Cinnamon (2 inches)  2
Bay leaf   2
Onion, finely chopped   ¾ cup
Ginger, finely chopped    ¾ tbs
Garlic, finely chopped   1 ½ tbs   
Coriander powder   1 tbs
Red chilli powder    1 ½ tsp
Garam masala        1 ¼ tsp
Whole wheat flour 300 gm
Saffron    ¼ tsp
Lemon juice   1 tbs
Salt  to taste

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