Today, as India continues that engagement as a sovereign nation, fine European classics are rendered afresh in a modern sensibility, in a setting resonant with the pomp and pageantry of eras past. The full-course menu, designed to articulate and celebrate the unique character of Continental cuisine in all its history and diversity, serves an inimitable slice of quintessential Europe, with modern renditions of French, Greek, Roman, Dutch and British classics.

The plush interiors in a royal blue and gold theme feature magnificent chandeliers set against silk and French windows that open into the Sunset Boulevard, offering an option to dine al fresco. Lotus motifs, cast in metal inlayed in the flooring of The India Room add a touch of European influence. The ritualistic service complements the cuisine that begins with guests raising a toast to the nation. The soup service is from a tureen into a pre-garnished bowl and is accompanied by flammkuchen. The India Room Rose ritual forms an integral part of the diner’s experience at the restaurant, with the Rose (made from marzipan) presented to all ladies once the tea and coffee service is concluded.

While The India Room explicitly demonstrates and successfully recreates the colonial lifestyle and mannerisms that conquered the world, it moderates the cuisine experience to bring to the table these classic dishes, using high quality fresh ingredients in modern renderings, thereby becoming a repository of Responsible Luxury. The restaurant styling, appointment, décor, ambience and service philosophy are all designed to complement the cuisine experience, which recreates in every dish,history on a plate.

At The India Room, we touch upon India’s engagement with the European presence.

Come, relive the eternal charm of ceremonial fine dining.