A manifestation of ITC’s philosophy of creating hotels that are ‘rooted in the soil’, ITC Grand Bharat is India’s first 104-suites luxury retreat that heralds a new era in the  Indian hospitality industry as the ultimate expression of ‘Unhurried Luxury’.

Envisioned as a supreme leisure getaway destination, the sprawling 1.2 sq. km retreat is situated in an idyllic expanse just outside Delhi, surrounded by the majestic Aravalis and dotted with pristine lakes.

Abiding by ITC Hotels’ commitment to offering authentic experiences rooted in the culture of the region, ITC Grand Bharat is a tribute to India’s five thousand years of unbroken civilisation. The tribute to India - ‘Bharatvarsh’, its rich history and culture - resonates in its signature services, architecture and design. ITC Grand Bharat expresses inspiration through an architectural blend of ancient, medieval and modern Indian influences including its proximity to the River Ganga and the cultural legacy of this region’s last historical custodians – the irrepressible Captain James Skinner and his band of legendary Mewat warriors.

A place conceived as much for seekers of the finest golfing, leisure, luxury and holistic wellness experiences, as for visiting heads of state, ITC Grand Bharat offers an unparalleled retreat, in an ambience charged with the beauty and positivity of nature. The Hotel’s bespoke services are delivered with the customary warmth of traditional Indian hospitality, enabled by ‘resort hosts’, trained by the ITC Hospitality Management Institute (ITC HMI), facilitating young managers in the making. In this island of tranquility, time slows down to accommodate one’s need to reflect on the finer things in life. Discover the beauty that lies in the detail. Fulfil the desire to spend time with your family and connect with yourself at ITC Grand Bharat.

Surrender to Overwhelming Grandeur

Nestled in a boundless estate in the Aravalis amidst ancient,
wooded acres stands a testament to the glory that is India.

Built emotionally and intuitively as a showcase of India’s age-old
affinity for luxury, here is ambience to sate a soul forever.

The experience is of a grand vision inspired by the finest
representatives of various Indian architectural traditions, with
interiors embellished with crafted artefacts and details, and
unreservedly decorated suites and service long bygone emperors
would have marvelled at.

Add to this an environmentally sensitive ethos that
pervades the estate, allowing the guests to indulge to their heart’s
content in unabashed, guilt-free decadence.

Here’s an ode to the lavish extravagance that was and is India.