The mellow, uplifting contemporary ambience at Ottimo – Cucina Italiana and its refreshingly anchored menu, make it a dining experience right out of any modern Italian city.

This ristorante offers connoisseurs the opportunity to experience the charms of pan-Italian cuisine in all its breadth and unrestrained authenticity. Here, you are invited to settle down, soak in the hint of rusticity from the fired brick walls that enclose the show kitchen, and nibble on a grissini before diving straight into the glories of the menu. Dissolve into the bucolic charms of the Italian countryside with warm bufala mozzarella fantasia or classic spaghetti in carbonara sauce.

The building aromas from the busy brick oven at the centre of activity at Ottimo are certain to tempt you to place your own order for an oven-fresh pizza, whether the classic Margherita or the engaging Bella Italia.
And if you have wisely made a pick from Ottimo’s one-of-a kind wine library during your culinary jaunt, you’ll find yourself light enough to ask for a pannacotta ai fruitti   di bosco to wind up your languorous stretch through Il Bel Paese.

The Enoteca at Cucina Ottimo will stock the widest range of Italian wines and grappas in a temperature-controlled glass display library ranged along one wall of Cucino Ottimo. This side of the Ristorante brings alive the Italian wine bar culture that dates back to Ancient Rome and which survives to this day. This is an atmosphere that invites everyone passing through to sit back, relax and sip the finest wines of the land with fellow lovers of the good things in life.

Molteni Stove
The celebrated Italian-made Molteni stove, regarded as the Rolls Royce of ranges, is the centrepiece and the elegant workhorse at Cucina Ottimo. Combining tradition and the most advanced technologies, it has been designed according to the specifications of the world’s most demanding chefs who have ensured that function and form coalesce perfectly in the service of the finest minds in the field of culinary fulfilment.

Firebrick Oven
From within the eye-catching arch framing the orange glow of the electric firebrick oven, will issue aromas that will beguile guests into ordering their very own pizzas. In structure and use, everything about this oven harks back to the traditional wood fired ovens down to the use of the long-handled peel to place the dressed dough and finally to remove the perfect pizza.