At ITC Hotels, we’re very proud of our long legacy of serving the most authentic and exquisite flavours of India. 

We were pioneers in establishing Indian cuisine brands in the country, with Bukhara being our first and most successful branded cuisine restaurant. We’ve gone on to include other gems to our bouquet over the years, from Dum Pukht to Dakhsin and Kebabs & Kurries… and yet we find there is so much more to the culinary heritage of India, that we could spend a lifetime just researching and presenting these wonderful flavours that represent the cuisine of this vast, and ever surprising country. 

In a run up to the imminent celebration of Indian independence and indeed our wonderfully rich cultural heritage, Baywatch, at Sheraton Hotel New Delhi presents The Culinary Aces of India, where we bring you ten days of complete indulgence with cuisines from ten different regions of India. 

Savour hot favourites like laal maas and dal baati choorma from Royal Rajasthan, Awadhi biryani from the land of Nawabs, butter chicken and rarha meat from the kitchens of Punjab, chaa meat and aloo mandra from the cool hills of Himachal Pradesh and much more. 

Don’t forget to ask our sommeliers for the perfect pairing for each dish! 

For more details on the Culinary Aces of India, please visit Gourmet Guide.