As an Indian, there is an innate sense of pride when you see the tricolour hoisted. A symbol of national pride, each aspect of the flag has its own significance. Saffron on the top band indicates the strength and courage of the country, the white band in the middle indicates peace and truth, while the green band at the bottom is a reflection of the land’s fertility, growth and auspiciousness. The Ashok chakra, placed in the centre of the white band, represents the Laws of Dharma (righteousness) to show that there is life in movement and death in stagnation. Perhaps as close to an overall definition of the expanse that is India, the flag also manages to instil pride in every Indian, making each one pause for a moment of reflection about their Indian roots.

This sense of honour comes to the fore every 15th of August, when every Indian, whether in India or abroad, stops for a moment and reflects about his or her roots. And for those not in India, sometime in the course of the day, there will be an urge to indulge in something that is typically Indian – food, sweets, Bollywood movies, clothes… and elements of the tricolour will find itself in all these accessories.

Come August 15, and ITC Gardenia invites you to celebrate the momentous occasion of Independence Day over a lunch that features delicacies imbued in the hues of National flag. ITC Maurya and WelcomHotel Vadodara offer a 50% discount for members of the armed forces. ITC Maratha, ITC Grand Central, ITC Grand Chola and Sheraton New Delhi too have sumptuous spreads that celebrates the unity in diversity that defines India.

ITC Rajputana presents Fauj ka Khana from August 11-15, a 5-day culinary extravaganza that celebrates the kitchens of the different regiments of our nation with carefully selected dishes. Jai Hind!

Vijay vishwa tiranga pyara,
jhanda uncha rahe hamara!