Once, every couple of weeks or months (depending on how much work I’m submerged under), I’ll send a cryptic text that only my best friend in the whole world will truly comprehend; and she will reply with a “Hallo! From across the oceans and seas.” And I’ll read that and smile, and both of us will go back to our little cocoons, feeling at peace with ourselves and the world, secure in the knowledge that the BFF and I are one.

Friendship is surreal. It is a fantastic feeling, a kinship and a bond that you share with a person who quite possibly isn’t a blood relative. You’re connected on various planes – you’ll croon together, cruise together, cram as much time as you can get into a weekend getaway all at once, cry over broken hearts and work gone out of hand, all the while creating endless memories.

ITC Hotels honours your friendship with a host of offerings this Friendship Day. On August 6, ITC Maurya offers a 25% discount for a group of four friends, whilst WelcomHotel Vadodara celebrates the true essence of friendship with a Chef's special curated menu. ITC Gardenia rings in this Friendship Day in style, with a laidback brunch and fun-filled experiences, with plenty of activities and goodies in store, and an amazing array of delicacies to choose from.

As you make plans for the weekend, go on and make a new friend or two – they could be lifesavers. Cheers!

“And as the years go by,
Our friendship will never die,
You're gonna see it's our destiny,
You've got a friend in me!”
- Randy Newman