There’s an unspoken bond between fathers and their children – a bond that includes taking the car out for an emergency in the middle of the night, of being tucked in whilst you’ve dozed off watching the telly, of having a special plate of goodies hidden away for only you…

I’ve been a part of those experiences, and over the years, every experience gives you a unique understanding of relationships. I’ve talked to friends about this – we’ve had chats especially when there’s been an incident in someone’s house, where the mother has decided, “This is it, I’ve had enough.” That’s when Daddy dearest has to step in and handle the situation, while there’s banter over shared genes over a tub of ice cream topped with a little something!

There are all kinds of dads; each one having a different way of showing their love and emotion for the children. The word Dad brings up a range of adjectives – scary, fun, crazy, strict, loving, emotional, indulgent, entertaining… the list goes on. And with that list, every dad knows that he is at the centre of his child’s universe. 

ITC Hotels celebrates the man on a day that’s dedicated to him. On June 18, we’re making sure the paternal bond is cherished, as you celebrate at ITC Gardenia and ITC Grand Central. If you’re closer to ITC Maratha this Father’s Day, take a fond trip down the flavours of memory lane with the most important man in your life over brunch and get a chance to get clicked with your dad.  Alternatively, celebrate fatherhood with a brunch dedicated to that one special man in our lives that includes a grand buffet and a live sundae-making counter at WelcomHotel Vadodara. You could even treat your dad to our gigantic Sunday Brunch or Grand Dakshin Thali and WelcomHotel Grand Bay will honour him by treating him to a meal on the house.

Happy Father’s Day!