Racing through homework, hoping it would all be done by 4 p.m., and then gulping that glass of milk…the green signal to an hour or maybe more with the gang, before it became too dim to look for the ball under the bushes, or miss a catch that would decide if I was on the winning side! Then, the seemingly leisurely test matches we’d watch in the summer that would make the tournament’s five days extend immeasurably.  Glued to the television, my friends and I would imitate our heroes, mimicking postures and mannerisms, strutting around the field with a self-declared right to being the guardians of the cricket galaxy.

Today, the game of cricket is a devoted galaxy unto itself. The fans, the players, the extravaganza - the magic refuses to miss a beat. We’ve got a World Cup, a Champions League, a Commonwealth Bank Series, The Ashes, the IPL and the Twenty20, and I haven’t even started counting the Tri-series that take place.

Now, (if you haven’t already overheard the heightened discussions about runs and wickets between two people glancing at a television in a far corner), we’re in the midst of IPL season, which ends on May 21, this year – a tournament organised for the professional Twenty20 cricket league in India. With bidding and auctions, and a fast-forward format that takes away the tension of having to survive 100 overs, it comes packed with entertainment that you aren’t likely to forget in a hurry.

Relive the days you played the gentleman’s game in your childhood and cheer on the young and energetic cricketers, as you enjoy the live screening of the World T20 and indulge in premium alcoholic beverages and food at ITC Maratha’s Bombay High. If you’re closer to ITC Grand Central, head over to the Cricket Carnival at Dublin, which features fabulous offers on food and beverage for the cricket fan.  Then, there is also the IPL Bonanza at WelcomHotel Dwarka’s Shanghai Club, where you can bid for your favourite Indian Premier League team and win special prizes.

And while someone said this about sports, it is sound advice for life: “Actions speak louder than your coach!”

Go on, hit a six!