Kahlil Gibran succinctly describes the sea and its mysteries in this single sentence.  A species that lives to eat, we humans have relied on seafood for sustenance for many centuries - with evidence of the earliest fish hooks dating back approximately 35,000 years!

A treasure trove of surprises, the seas and oceans on Planet Earth have seen trade, migrations, cultural exchange, wars and battles galore, all the while ensuring an abundant supply of nutrition in forms that may have seemed odd and alien-like to the first generation of voyagers who were used to cohabiting with birds and four-footed mammals on land.

With the constant exchange between ports and across islands, the food of the sea came to be presented in myriad ways – moulding itself to social and economic backgrounds – finding alternative presentations in its multipurpose adaptability.

Ask any seafood fan to describe a dish, and you’ll find them at a loss for words. Best eaten when fresh, seafood needs gentle persuasion; so while overcooking wrecks the dish, a hint of chilli or a dash of oil and a twist of lime may take you from Thailand to India, or perhaps even the Mediterranean shores. You can choose from a fish with just the single bone, or feisty crabs or scallops and octopus. There’s exotic seaweed delicacies and intricate platings of sushi and sashimi in one corner of the world whilst elsewhere, there a decadent fish marinated and fried to perfection or steamed in fragrant herbs.

While it seems a tad tricky to cook seafood, you won’t be able to resist the temptation of a perfectly plated treat as you swim your way from coast to coast with an exclusive five-course menu that celebrates the Treasures of Thailand at ITC Grand Chola’s Pan Asian. There is also a delectable seafood experience with the Sushi Festival at ITC Maratha and a Teppanyaki Theater at ITC Sonar. If you prefer fish, Master Chef Jia brings you Pomfret Diaries at ITC Grand Central, or you can choose to go the Mediterranean way and relish a specially curated Italian menu featuring delicacies from Apulia at Ottimo Cucina Italian through April 27 at ITC Grand Chola. For the Indian palate, Madras Pavilion brings Flavours from the Parasamudra with Kitchens of the World.

Like the old Polish proverb states, “Fish, to taste right, must swim three times -in water, in butter, and in wine.”

We’re bringing you a seafood extravaganza to end April with; dive deep!