Days are stringed instruments and every one strikes a different note.
– Kenneth Alfred Evelyn Alexander

Telling time and deciding a date has been a quandary for many of us. Are we on time for a meeting; have we scheduled a meeting appropriately; is the date well suited; has the festival been marked correctly?

The eternal question of time is answered on planet Earth by the sun and the moon. Days and nights are divided by the appearance of one or the other. Seasons change depending on the moon and the stars, and consequently, religious festivals shift dates too.

I’ve always wondered how we’re confident that Christmas Day will be celebrated on December 25, but there’s never a fixed date for Easter. I did a bit of reading up on the topic and discovered that Easter is also known as a moveable feast, chosen to correspond with the first Sunday following the full moon after the March equinox.

This was intriguing because it explained why Easter can be celebrated anywhere between April 4 and May 8.

This year, Easter falls on April 16. At ITC Hotels, we’re celebrating the spirit of Easter in myriad ways, with delectable sweet delights, special buffet brunches and a variety of activities and Easter egg hunts for the kids. Irrespective of religious beliefs, the moveable feast is another excellent reason (or excuse) to celebrate rebirth and new opportunities, and give thanks for all that we have in the present and all that will come to us in the future.

Join us as we raise a toast to life!