South India is a mosaic of regional diversity and cultural ethnicities. Though diverse, its identity is articulated through its cuisine – a distinct and singular representation of the region’s bounty of spices and peppers – in combinations and cuisine presentations that have remained largely unchanged over generations, adhering to a rich culinary heritage that has stood the test of time.

Into this vast culinary landscape that is rooted in the gravitas of the unique tastes, aromas and flavours of southern Indian spices, ITC Hotels brings to you Avartana. Pronounced avartan, the word Avartana is Sanskrit for fusion; it also refers to rhythm, mysticism and magic.

At Avartana, you will be treated to an exclusive blend of traditional and progressive renditions of Southern Indian cuisine, with specially crafted tasting menus as well as an a la carte selection to choose from. Each dish is an expression of magical art, with every plate encompassing unique concepts in mesmerising iterations.

Local spices, delicate broths, infused oils, fresh coconut, aromatic curry leaves contribute to the essence of the menu, where robust flavours meet 21st-century global technology.  With Avartana, we bring to you a showcase of contemporary South Indian food that is firmly anchored in the traditional flavours and ingredients of the Southern peninsular, while being fascinatingly innovative in the interpretation of the cuisine and its presentation.
Join us at ITC Grand Chola and journey through this edible canvas of illusion, featured in surprising avatars that form the core philosophy at Avartana - a magical representation of Southern culinary mosaics.