Asian cuisine has always had a mystical aura surrounding it. It is an art form and the way one ingredient can change the flavour of a dish on one hand, and at the same time transform the appearance of another dish, gives the cuisine a unique, scientific edge.

A kaleidoscope of flavours and techniques, Asian cooking encompasses a variety of cooking styles. Like the surprise that awaits you in a fortune cookie, I excitedly anticipate an Asian meal. It’s easy – you could pick any island in the Asia-Pacific region and you’d be treated to an exquisite culinary delight.

China has an umbrella of eight cuisines, and I’m sure each region will have its own subtle tweaks and nuances that lend an alternate flavour that excites you to try another dish. Japanese cuisine features an abundance of regional and seasonal gastronomical delights, least of which are the ever so popular sushi and tempura. Then there’s Korean cuisine, with its depth of flavour that highlights the extensive use of fermented ingredients with garlic, fresh vegetables and meats. Vietnamese cuisine on the other hand, focuses on fresh herbs & vegetables, minimal oil and treats meat as a condiment. The always-popular Thai cuisine is prepared keeping the balance of spicy, sour, sweet, salty and bitter flavours in mind.

Come and discover the ancient (Asian) tradition of cooking in a clay pot at ITC Grand Chola, as we indulge in Asian Clay Pots until November 30. Dig into a plethora of seafood delights at ITC Maratha, where you can take your pick of the fresh catch till November 24. And if you want to indulge yourself in a truly Pan Asian experience, head over to ITC Rajputana’s Jaipur Pavilion between November 25 and December 4, for the Best of Pan Asian.

To quote writer and scholar Francois Rabelais, “The appetite grows with eating.”