There’s a pleasing nip in the air, woollens are slowly making an appearance across the city landscapes and in another week or two, the dip in temperature would have announced that it is indeed winter, but I digress…

I was referring to the pleasant draft that heralds a new season; the brief period before winter - Hemant Ritu according to the Hindu calendar. The Vedas present seasons as the natural backdrop for eating and a source of natural diversity. It is believed the body’s constitution and season variations are intimately related with the environment, thereby affecting our bodies. Therefore, in the great Aryan cosmic cycle, the eater, the food he eats and the universe must be in harmony; thus, to maintain the balance, appropriate food must be consumed during a particular season.

ITC Hotels’ culinary philosophy ensures that we present well-researched cuisine concepts that work in complete harmony with the seasons of nature, and thereby preserve local food cultures. During the winter months, from mid-November to mid-January, the fire element in the body is diminished because of the cold. As a result, sweet, sour and pungent foods are preferred. However, it is advised that in winter, you should eat fewer fruits, as fruits cool the body, and instead consume more ginger, pepper, jaggery, carrots, etc. It reiterates that the correct food, if consumed in the respective season, maintains one’s health and is subsequently savoured and relished, to the fullest.

At Royal Vega, Vedic gastronomy and its teachings form the centre point of the culinary philosophy. With a menu that evolves for each of the six seasons, these learnings have been incorporated in a modern context, for today’s diners. Showcasing a repertoire that emphasises the importance of harmony and balance as the core philosophy of the cuisine contemplated and served, I invite you to partake of the Hemant Ritu menu at Royal Vega at ITC Grand Chola. Served every weekend, celebrate the season’s tidings, with an orchestration of carefully sourced ingredients, as you feast on vegetarian delicacies like shatawari purva, meethi goli alu and amrudi dakh, complemented with a variety of sweets.