Bhārata (in the Vishnu Purana; Bha means light and knowledge, Rata means devoted to light as against darkness)

Aja Nabha Varsha (Aja means Brahma, Nabha means navel or central portion, Varsha means nation/country)

Hind/ Hindustan (land of the Hindus)

Hidush (Finds mention in the Naksh – i – Rustam, a necropolis in Iran that dates back to 1000 BC)

Āryāvarta (Abode of the Aryans)

Jambudvipa (Land shaped like a jamun or blackberry, the first geographical creation)

Nabhivarsha (term found in the Bhagavata Purana)


Hodu (The Bible, Book of Esther)

Indike (Megasthenes, Greek ethnographer and explorer in the Hellenistic period, author of the work Indik, was an ambassador of Seleucus I to the Maurya Dynasty)