It’s like the heritage on your plate - the best of Indian cuisine which captures the essence of a meal that is nothing short of a royal Indian treat which has taken centuries to attend perfection. ‘Kitchens of India’ (KOI) brings to life the age-old Indian dishes from across the country. It entices your taste buds on a mystical voyage through the legacy of authentic Indian gourmet cuisine.

If I can look back for a moment here, in the course of more than a century’s journey as a company ITC has redefined the face of Indian hospitality since its foray into the hotels business in 1975. The idea of India or Bharat with its grand legacy in different fields of knowledge has been instrumental in shaping the brand identity of ITC Hotels. And branded cuisine was one amongst many concepts ITC Hotels pioneered like branded accommodation, environment and guest safety, et cetera.

India’s ‘cultural diversity’ acts as a magnet for the visitors and our food reflects that diversity as the ‘cultural ambassador’ in as many ways. Broadly speaking, our Indian food experience can travel through North West frontier, Kashmiri, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Uttar Pradesh, Gujurati, Malwani, Hyderabadi, Bengali, Goan and Malabari stopovers; but like the Indian languages, the food diversity doesn’t rest here. The old Indian saying that best epitomised Indian languages once - "Every two miles the water doth change, and every four the dialect." - equally holds good for Indian food’s diversity in this vast stretch of land.

Kitchens of India series brings to you ancient recipes safeguarded and passed down from generation to generation in the communities or by the royal cooks of the Maharajas and Nawabs, that are further perfected by ITC’s Master Chefs with the passion and an eye for detail, using age-old techniques. Tracing their origin to a bygone era when Maharajas ruled the land and cooking was an art form perfected by few, these dishes are prepared by time honoured methods of choosing only the finest ingredients and adding every element at its precise and predetermined time.

Traditional Indian cuisine is rich and diverse in flavours, using distinct cooking methodologies and authentic utensils, originating from particular regions of India. ‘Kitchens of India’ is like a food journey through heritage, legends and history of India that will take you down the memory lane.

Indulge in the gastronomic delights from across India in its most authentic form in the KOI Showcase with Priya Bala at ITC Gardenia, Kolhapuri food fest at ITC Kakatiya and the Marwari food festival at ITC Rajputana this month that would prove to be a feast for your senses - the true way to celebrate the culinary acumen of Bharat.