As an international traveller you may ask what business a ‘local cuisine’ has in a five star hotel! Then my take with a Chef’s perspective would be: it’s about showcasing our strength as a host country. India’s cultural diversity is the prime attraction for any visitor and food being so integral to any culture serves as our cultural ambassador. For the uninitiated it would be a delightful gastronomic discovery whereas for those who had had it, it’ll be a trip to their kingdom of nostalgia.

The idea of India or Bharat with its grand legacy in different fields of knowledge has been instrumental in shaping the brand identity of ITC Hotels. And Responsible Luxury as a socially and environmentally responsible ethos has been the guiding principle for many years now in whatever initiative is undertaken. (In fact we’re now counted as one of the pioneers in this field.) Naturally, the rich culinary traditions from different regions of India have gone into the designing of our culinary philosophy. Celebrating indigenous flavours, ‘Local Love’ is one such culinary initiative put together by our Food Sherpas (Chefs) for you to experience diverse locales of India via gourmet trails.

You can now sample Mumbai’s famous (veg.) street food Vada Pao or, Bombay Sandwich as a snack time bite whenever you are staying at ITC Maratha or ITC Grand Central in Mumbai. You can order a filling Hyderabadi (non-veg.) delicacy - Kacche Gosht ki Biryani whenever ITC Kakatiya plays your host or taste Laal Maans - a lamb speciality from Rajasthan with freshly ground local spices when you’re a guest at ITC Rajputana in Jaipur or try a barramundi / Asian sea bass speciality (‘Macher Paturi’ that is marinated with mustard and steam-baked in banana leaves) when you’re relaxing at ITC Sonar, Kolkata. Or, you can relish the simple but healthy dish ‘Bajra Khichda’ prepared from India’s native grain Bajra (pearl millet) that is stewed with ginger and fresh cut chilis while luxuriating at ITC Grand Bharat, Gurgaon. Now your sojourn won’t be complete without a dose of ‘Local Love’. And I’m sure you’ll love it!