It isn’t often that the titans of Delhi’s culinary world come together for a giant celebration. And when they do, you can bet the last sip of your snobbiest wine that it’s going to be one in which you get to do all the celebrating.

Prepare for grand indulgence featuring fine ambience, fine service and the finest cuisine at The Pavilion, where ITC Maurya’s celebrated chefs from its award winning restaurants, including Bukhara, Dum Pukht and West View – The Grill Room, come together to create a bespoke dining experience. One where you can savour the hearty fare of the Northwest Frontier, followed up by the delicate flavours of Dum cuisine. Or then, jump straight to finely rendered meats and vegetables at the grill, just as you’ve been accustomed to ordering them at West View.

Whatever your taste, we’re certain you’ll find more than one dish that will hit the sweet spot of your culinary fantasies. Speaking of which, don’t miss the delicious line-up of desserts.

If you’re in Delhi, this promises to be a celebration you don’t want to miss.  

Head to ITC Maurya, 20th to the 22nd of October, and prepare to be floored by the potent concentration of fine talent in our kitchens.