Everything about this reimagined classic is unconventional and bold, yet a classic it remains!

Preparation time – 20 min          
Cooking time – 10 min                  
To serve – 4

Jumbo prawn 12
Lemongrass 2
Galangal 1
Basil leaves 15
Salt 20 gm
Mayonnaise 160 gm
Tabasco sauce 10 ml
Worcestershire sauce 10 gm
Chopped shallots 40 gm
Squid ink 10 gm

1. Marinate prawns with crushed lemongrass, galangal and salt.
2. Steam cook. Reserve.
3. Whisk Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, shallots and squid ink into mayonnaise.
4. Using offset palate knife, spread mayonnaise on the platter.
5. Arrange poached prawns equidistant to each other on the platter.
6. Garnish with chilled basil leaves.

Chef’s Tip
When steaming prawns to serve chilled, flavour and season the steaming liquid with a mixture of sliced carrots, fennel bulbs or celery stalks, bay leaf and salt. Arrest cooking when the Ottawa are still slightly undercooked and allow the prawns to rest and gently cool in the steaming/poaching liquor. Refrigerate the prawns without draining until required. This keeps the prawns well moistened until needed.