Manning up midsummer, I’ve come to realise, is a matter of reconciling the adventuring and tender sides of ourselves. For June is invariably the month we travel and June is also Father’s Day.

Munching on ceviche in Lima or currywurst in Berlin, breakfasting on simit in Istanbul or arepa corn cakes in Bogota and falafels in Tel Aviv, French fries with mussels in broth during a Brussels stroll or banh mi along Ho Chi Min’s streets or bocadillos while wandering through Barcelona, tucking into char koay teow in Penang and chilli crab or chicken rice a hop across in Sing, on the trail of the best egg waffles in HK and pad Thai in Bangkok, trying out the surprise of suppi in Rome, arancini in Sicily or peirogi in Krakow, gulping down raw herring across the Netherlands or popping Korean sushi in Seol, one braves (and comes to relish!) delicious insights into new cultures.

With street food and small-bite wonders on my mind, I’m keen to try the Indian Inspired Sliders promotion at ITC Maurya, which continues all through this month. Chefs create sliders inspired by the bustling causeways of Mumbai, the legendary streets of Lucknow and the tiffin centres of Chennai, rendering a famous global concept purely Indian at heart! In Bangalore, there’s a buffet-temptation to eat your way around the world’s most exciting food streets at the Get a Fix - Street Foods of the World festival at ITC Windsor, on all through this month.

If food is a rabbit hole into wonderland, food is also a celebration of love. Somewhere along our evolutionary journey, the human brain got wired to associate food, people and events, leading to celebratory occasions. Father’s Day, a day to appreciate daddies the world over, is one such occasion. In America and many other parts of the world, Father’s Day is a holiday celebrated on the third Sunday in June.

This June 21, an unforgettable, lavish multi-cuisine brunch is laid out in honour of the man who is larger than life, as part of the Father’s Day celebrations at ITC Maratha, ITC Windsor and WelcomHotel Sheraton. At ITC Maurya, Chefs invite doting dads and kids to an indulgent Sunday Brunch with your dad’s favourite gourmet creations and drinks, sure to get your dad in great spirits! Live music and a table-hopping magic show from the streets of New York enliven the Father’s Day experience at Pan Asian, ITC Sonar, while memorabilia, caricature artists who capture the moment and a live cookie-making counter for kids to bake gifts for their dads enrich celebrations at Eden Pavilion, ITC Sonar.

June up for a gastronomic extravaganza!