The other night as I sat in pleasurable silence, watching the youngsters, each lost in their respective bowls of gelato, I had an inkling about what an ‘angels passing by’ moment truly is: silky silence shared between sated... no, gelato-d souls. (And, so not the lame gloss for an awkward silence at parties when people run out of things to say.) Almond-shaped eyes drowsy with sheer contentment, one of the kids amended the truism Snoopy had Charles M. Schulz pen about happiness and ice cream, to happiness is gelato goodness dissolving into your being.

Measuring summer in scoopfuls of gelato had me think of wisdom as ancient as Epicurus’ and as fundamental as Freud’s: the principal drive in life is the pleasure principle. It follows, then, that to gelato is to live deeply. You could delight in this knowledge as you relish scoops as varied as Biscottino, Fior di Bosco and Fior di Arancio, among a variety of extravagant flavours served at Festivo Gelato at Serenade Pavilion, WelcomHotel Bella Vista, all through the month.

You would do just as well to seek pleasure in equally transformative experiences as mixologists across shake up the summer a bit. Present-day druids muddle fresh summer flavours such as jasmine, passion fruit, peach and raspberry with vinegar cooked with sugar into coolants you can sample at the month-long Shrub of the Day festival at ITC Grand Chola’s Tranquebar. Alternatively, you could refresh your spirits and drink deep from the cup of life with the Summer Cocktails: Duo’s and Trio’s festival at Sheraton Delhi’s Lounge Bar, that continues until the end of the month.

Stay cool and pleasant in summer!