India is a vast country; many nations can find themselves fitting into either a single state or their entire county population making up a single city in India. With the vastness, it is understood that India has varied geographical contours and regional variations in weather and temperature.

The ancient Vedas took heed of this and tying in with their astronomical reading, observed that there are six seasons in the country’s calendar. Vasant Ritu or the season of spring occurs when most parts of India are neither too hot nor too cold. The season of spring is the perfect time to celebrate the fresh edible flowers and herbs, omnipresesnt in abundance during the season.

Based on the Vedic understanding of the medicinal properties of plants, herbs, fruits, vegetables and grains, Royal Vega at ITC Grand Chola is celebrating the Vasant Ritu and the aromatic flavours of the spring with a specially crafted seasonal menu.

Designed to rejuvenate one’s mind and body, the cuisine draws inspiration from India’s rich and colourful repast and forgotten recipes garnered from ancient manuscripts.

With the Ayurvedic principles of striking a balance between taste and health, the Vasant Ritu menu at Royal Vega will give you an opportunity to indulge in Gucchi Mattar or Paneer Harita, in addition to a variety of dishes that the season inspires.

Vasant ends on April 15, and with it the menu will change too! Come and partake of the exquisitely prepared menu at ITC Grand Chola’s Royal Vega until April 15.