Getting ready for your exclusive date? Let’s see, you’ll get a big bouquet of roses. Make a reservation in a fancy restaurant. Take a specially created exclusive holiday package. Or splurge on expensive diamond jewellery.

Thousands of others will be doing the same! How “exclusive” does that make your date feel?

If you really want your date to feel special, toast your love with wine. Wine is so unique and if cleverly planned and infused into your special day, it can symbolise the epitome of romance. Pour your heart out with full bodied reds, crisp whites and romantic rosés.

Here are five new ways to make your proclamation of love sparkle:

Personalised Wine Pairing: If the exclusive restaurant is an absolute must, do it with élan. Speak to their sommelier in-charge and request for a specially paired wine and food menu; an exquisitely curated four-course dining experience custom-prepared to your date’s favourite dishes or wines. It shows effort, but most importantly, it shows that you care.

Compose a Wine Poem: Grab a bottle of great wine like Rosé Champagne, a Chablis Premier Cru or a fabulous Barossa Shiraz, and wrap it in a love song or a poem. You could be original and try writing it yourself. A tip: look out for the wine tasting notes on the Internet and turn them into love notes.  How unique would that be!

Weekend Wine Getaway: Fortunately, it is a Valentine’s weekend this year; it is the perfect reason to get away from the city hustle. Beyond Vineyard Resort in Nashik offers the perfect getaway for some quiet and quaintness.  Taste some wines and take a tour of the winery while you are there. You can also bicycle on winding roads, soak up peaceful views and begin your day with a wine breakfast in bed.  Would you really want to get out of bed?

Wine Tastings at Home: Host a blind tasting party. Get a mix of reds, rosés and whites and cover the labels.  Look, sniff, sip and compare notes. You could highlight the senses even further by using a blindfold, taking the blind tasting concept quite literally. You don’t need me to tell you what else you could do with a blindfold.

Wine Movie: Plenty is possible even at home. You can cook a fabulous meal, uncork a bottle of wine and watch a great wine movie.  Sideways and Bottle Shock are two of my all-time favourites. The perfect wine pairing for such an evening would be a Burgundy Pinot Noir or a Californian Cabernet Sauvignon, as these movie mark the dominance of these two wine styles during the era.

Still thinking of red hearts and roses?