There’s no kitchen like a travelling kitchen. The most iconic of them wore a winsome bonnet.

Some of us will remember the chuckwagon from our favorite cowboy flick or prairie novel. Bonneted wagons were used by cattle herders, frontiersmen and their families who had to travel endless tracts with all their earthly possessions in tow.

Just as lunch boxes are the best thing about the day, the chuck box was the best thing about the chuckwagon. In my opinion. It served as a food storage area but which also flipped open to provide a cooking area. Meals, made from provisions that would often feature beans, flour and potatoes, were cooked in iron skillets and served on enamelware plates. The modest treats of cornmeal mush and sourdough biscuits and coffee, somehow have the power to make you drool, just reading about it in stories of the West.

Maybe it’s the backstory of the struggle, the grit, the determination to make by on supplies. It’s certainly the story of first settlers in many cities around the world, and worthy of celebration. American Independence has many tales to go with it, but nothing as winning as the gritty years that laid the foundations.

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