At the height of summer, the inimitable pairing of kulfi with falooda is perhaps the most refreshing of all Indian desserts. While it can be made in any flavour, some particularly enticing flavours are anjeer (dried fig), gulab (rose), zaffran and mamra badaam (saffron and almond), narangi (orange), aam ki kulfi (mango) and the lavish sunehri kulfi (golden kulfi – dressed with a fine film of gold).

Legendary actress Madhubala, whose real name was Mumtaz Begum Jehan Dehlavi – the most famous Dehlavi of our times – particularly enjoyed the Kulfi Khaas Dehlavi. Here is the recipe for her favourite kulfi.


For Falooda
100 gm Corn Flour    
30 ml Water                  

For Kulfi
1 ltr Milk (full cream)   
25 gm Pistachio (blanched, without skin)           
25 gm Almond (without skin)          
5 ml Gulab Jal (rose water)              
0.5 ml Sweet Ittar     
100 ml Double Cream                    
25 gm Saffron               
40 gm Sugar                   


For Falooda

  • Stir the corn flour into the water, till it blends completely.
  • In a kadhai, on low heat while stirring continuously, cook this mixture till it takes on a grayish, translucent hue.
  • Pass this mix through a falooda press, in a cold water bath.
  • Strain the strands of falooda and store in cool, rose-scented water.

For Kulfi 

  • Reduce the full cream milk on a slow flame to 1/4th of its original quantity.
  • Add sugar to the reduced milk and cook further.
  • Add the gulab jal, ittar, saffron, chopped pistachio and chopped almonds to it.
  • Chill it over a water bath while stirring it continuously. At this stage, also fold double cream into the mix.
  • Pour it into a mould and blast freeze at –20 deg C.
  • Once set, serve the kulfi dressed with the rose scented falooda.

Naush Farmaiye!
Contributed by Nakul Anand