“Pandhra Rassa " the white curry is very popular in Maharashtra. A thin soup like dish of water used to boil the "Chicken" along with spices such as cinnamon, coriander, ginger & garlic etc. Apart from taste it has certain medicinal use as well. This "Rassa" is recommended for cough and throat related ailments.

Quote: Pandhra Rassa dish has been a must have at any Maharashtrian fare, however it has become less prevalent today and reintroducing this dish has prompted me to do it.

Serves 4

1 kg Skinned and cut into pieces Chicken
150 gms Medium sized chopped finely Onion
8 gms Garlic Paste
5 gms Ginger Paste
100 gms Grated dry Coconut
10 nos Cloves
2 gms Cinnamon
10 gms Black Cumin Seed
5 gms Cut into pieces dried Red Chili
10 gms Poppy seeds
Salt to taste
10 gms Red Chili seeds
10 gms Coriander Seeds
300 ml Coconut Milk
80 gms stirred Plain Yogurt / Curd
8 gms Raisins
8 gms Cashewnut
75 gms Ghee / Vegetable Oil

Wash the skinned pieces of chicken properly and apply the ginger-garlic paste on them thoroughly, set aside.

Grind Masala
Grind together dry coconut, black cumin seeds, poppy seeds, coriander seeds, red chili seeds, cardamom seeds and 8 cloves, adding a little water and keep aside. 

Heat 1 tblsp oil in a heavy bottomed pan and add cinnamon, red chili pieces, cashew nuts, raisins and remaining cloves. 
Stir fry till cashew nuts turn golden. Now add chicken pieces to it and fry well. Lower the flame and cover the pan.
Put a little water on the lid and cook till almost done.
Heat the remaining oil in a large pan and add onion. Fry till it becomes translucent.
Add the grinded paste and stir fry and add curd and stir for two minutes.
Add the cooked chicken and 2 cups of water, and bring to boil.
Add coconut milk and stir well.
Boil only once to avoid curdling.
Serve hot with rice, pooris or roti.

Wine Pairing: 
Dr. Loosen Cabernet Riesling – Dry Riesling to accompany and compliment the flavours of chicken curry

Contributed by: Star Chefs at ITC Maratha - Mumbai