“I'D GIVE AN ARM to be a woman.” The man who says this, needs to think again. Rewind to school science class. Man has an XY chromosome pair instead of a woman's XX. Placed next to X, it's clear Y’s ‘missing an arm’. What the aforementioned man needs to do is get another arm. Since that's out of the picture till the day science catches up with fantasy, he can do the next best thing and keep the good company of awesome ladies. Yes, awesome. Who's the one with a full set of eight arms? Besides, awesome because it's women's day any time soon, so it's more or less women's month too.

So then, what do you do on Women's Day? As always, women can bypass men altogether and get their own scene going. You can walk into the ITC Hotel in your city on March 8, and be pretty sure you're in for something special to mark the occasion.

To mention just a few sparkling events in the lineup - there's free flowing wine and delicate hors d'oeuvres to look forward to on the deck of Ira - The Waterside Bar at Delhi's ITC Maurya. At Mumbai’s ITC Grand Central, there’s a 50% discount on buffet prices for ladies, at Hornby's Pavilion. Over at Bengaluru's ITC Gardenia, there's an entire week of cookery demos, bakery workshops and special offers. Men, don't feel left out. Ask a lady friend politely for permission to hop along. More than likely, she’ll lend you a hand.